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Skeleton is a cinderblock curb stomp through 27 minutes and 11 tracks on their newest, self-titled debut release. Every second spent with the Austin, Texas rangers leads to this deadly sense of killing ability that transposes more into forming cracks of the whip against cattle, orchestrating domination over an audience.

From the initial seconds of “Skeleton,” the group together forms under obliterating and pulverizing instrumentation that allows seconds of rejuvenation before being crushed again. The grooves of quick snaps on the percussion is instantly harmful and creates movement while the growls enact less of a lending hand and more of a clenched fist. With co-signs of an antique thrash sound, Skeleton transfers a unique coat of blood to push their debut farther.

One of the singles that was released, “The Sword” is a behemoth of a track that opens slowly but is foreboding through these almost frighteningly calm string sections. Stalking like a mighty predator, Skeleton suddenly pounces on the listener and begins to claw away with riffs disguised as knives. While oftentimes short assaults, Skeleton is covered head-to-toe in mosh pit starting instrumentation that strikes through this combination of rugged and precise.

Later tracks like “At War” and “Taste Of Blood” proceed to peel back the security blanket and throw the listener into this gauntlet of sound. But this is where Skeleton can succeed in creating pieces that are truly harrowing. With the moments that seem to turn into hours on the breakdowns and blast beats, Skeleton forms a firmer grip with each track until finally the listener is encapsulated completely. Aggression and atmospheric building is how Skeleton can thrive and begin to show these colors of war banners for intimidation factor.

They ride into the scene with iron warhorse style as a conquering mix between blackened metal and thrash where worlds collide to destruction. The journey here with Skeleton is a surprisingly quick one and begins to bleed over as the display begs to be re-spun at every opportunity. Once the final track, “Catacombs” waltz into play, Skeleton has already burnt down 10 of the tracks in rapid-fire succession. With machine-gun grace, they take one last stab into the dark for one of the strongest send-offs of the record. Also the longest piece on the album, “Catacombs” has moments of slow burn that begin to suddenly fire on all cylinders.

Skeleton is able to annihilate with its instrumentals and bring the dead back to life with the vocals. While Skeleton does not create anything that is Earth-shattering, what they do is stuck to well and they can successfully shift lanes to form around them. Where days fade to weeks, Skeleton is a record that etches into the skull for its consistency through hurt.

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