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There are moments in a musician’s career where they hit a peak for both popularity and musical expertise in creating a defined sound. With Future, it seems that he has had nothing but peaks throughout his long-spanning onslaught. But it was with his 2015 release DS2 or Dirty Sprite 2 that combined his aggressive lyrical outbursts with refined production from primarily Metro Boomin and Southside as a three-man weave of trap nectar.

When DS2 hit the scene in 2015, Future had already established himself as a triple threat of lyrics, fashion, and showmanship that was an easy transition into the 13 track display of twisted wires and Ferragamo garments. Beginning with “Thought It Was A Drought” that takes the iconic line, “I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip flops,” that has been renditioned countless times after; a creature is born.

When he actually begins his verse, however, Future displays this animalistic nature behind his lyrics that describes, “Bitch I’mma chose the dirty over you, you know I ain’t scared to lose you. They don’t like it when you telling the truth, I’d rather be realer than you.” As he continues on, he illustrates, “Got these meds on me, I’mma do em. I take these pills and I’m having a thrill, taking prescriptions a hell of a feeling, as for a xanny, I never forgot it.”

As he segues into the personal favorite, “I Serve The Base” is the closest to aggravated assault through sound and the production here is a frantic but chorus of trap-orchestrated ability where Future acts as a preacher to the crowd. He has this harsh synth that warps and rumbles behind him while distorted screams and shouts rise almost as if it was this rallied parade where percussion and the low-tuned approach from Future collide.

He illustrates, “I play the games of the thrones with you, I can’t change, I was God-given. Tryna make a pop star and they made a monster, I’m posted with my niggas, let the champagne flow,” before jumping into his third verse where it etches like a purple stain. He describes, “They should’ve told you I was just a trap nigga, I’m in the white house shootin’ craps nigga…They should’ve told you I was just a trap nigga. They should’ve told you I was gonna lap niggas.” This form of liquid on the ears is therapeutic and provides this energy that is unmatched even today.

As soon as the track “Stick Talk” hits with the Kill Bill-esque sirens to provide on the start of each measure, Future, Metro Boomin, and Southside are able to open the audience up like a rack of ribs and get to work. The chorus that describes, “Took a shot of Henny I’ve been going brazy, brazy, they say my whole hood got it under investigation,” should be an injection of paranoia but his delivery and the instrumentation behind him only boosts the Tony Montana 10-foot stance.

Standing as a monument to the villain, Future on DS2 is as refreshing as he was five years ago. Even as he continues to drop projects today and works on relevancy in an adapting age, DS2 holds a special place on the pedestal for his discography.

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