New Music – He Is Risen


Much like the time that passes from the resurrection of any deity, LUCKI took some moments to step away from his sound to collectively refine and recuperate a mission directive. At the end of the tunnel stands Almost There, a teasing piece to the often-times, tired delivery over infectious and charming instrumentals.

LUCKI is a new love for myself while seeing his early work is an easy way to see the progression into who he resembles now, the past year has been kind to LUCKI. His last record Days B4 III was one of the stronger releases coming from the Chicago artist and as he slowly peels back the envelope, locking inside his thoughts and observations, LUCKI sends home another loop under his designer belt.

Opening a record with a track produced by BrentRambo for LUCKI is as synonymous as waking up thriving; illustrating a sculpture of hip-hop bounce on “Tarantino.” Most of the tracks on Almost There are shortened senses of leaned-back shots through a slurred Mac-10. While LUCKI is conscious through his performance, his vocals are drained and enticing as if he was rapping after spending days awake in the studio. While this is a commonality for modern artists, LUCKI perfects it to be the scientific blend over graceful instrumentals that are bright and pull the curtain back on him.

“Ouch Omen” is an explementary model of how the intense 808 patterns that coincide with cloudless synth leads and rattling hi-hats, LUCKI is in dazed control. He describes, “I just talked to god, finally told him the truth. I’m praying that he got me… You was just living sloppy, bool who I bool with, fuck with who I fuck with. Niggas best friends be lobbing the key, I miss Percocet, X not for me.” While often a tale wrapped in a coma white covering, LUCKI is descriptive and is able to reupholster his story enough with each record to keep an old friend fresh.

One of the later tracks, “TUNE & SCOTTY” which is the only capitalized track in the listing is the most rambunctious, and the dual instrumental power of Adio and Plu20 Nash are able to collide. When lightning cracks, LUCKI is more aggressive in his tone which while still nestled in a comfortable reserved fashion, becomes an attitude in his writing. He describes, “I’m geeked up like Thugger, put on my bitch and I put on my brothers. Yeah, my bitch like a movie scene, I’m just waitin’ to cut her. Seat belt behind my back, keep rippin’ all my Moncler Buttons.”

Perfect for the one-bedroom apartment or the mansion, for some strange reason LUCKI his the best when the party ends and the audience is an audience of one. The loneliness is LUCKI’s style that creates a support system to lean on, even if the recipient is from totally different worlds.

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