New Music – Corrosive Entity


Like lambs to a slaughter, the livestock in this case is the audience that has their balance teetering in END’s hands. In any way possible, Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face wants to obliterate the ears and rebuild a new species from the ashes. From the twisted cover art to the often breakneck destruction, END is your new god.

Opening with the overtly ambitious and overbearing, “Covet Not” is a quick buck-fifty that inflicts multiple secreting wounds from the initial moments. The lineup that consists of Brendan Murphy on vocals with both Will Putney and Gregory Thomas on guitars. Which in that grouping alone is a rough and badly bruised brigade that also extends its arms to include Jay Pepito on bass and Billy Rymer on the percussion. While a five-piece, END is a single conglomerate of seemingly hellish proportions that takes an 11 track, 33-minute long journey towards the depths of despair.

Other impacts like on “Absence” are about orchestrating as much misery as possible with lyrics that are closer etched to cave walls rather than modern-day poetry thanks to a feature from Pete Morcey. As each vocalist takes turns with the spiked bat, the listener is forced to endure through lyrics that describe, “I ascend towards the fire depraved of coiled roots that bind me to the Earth from a decaying crown of light. Disheveled veils secure your sin and mine.” As the two continue on, the descriptions become worsened and more frightening, illustrating, “Hell is a reflection of myself branded in the skin of those I love. Dead weight will hang in the absence of the warmth of setting suns, like kindling to set my will ablaze.”

Miraculously, even though the lyrics are primarily a shouting match between one’s self, they are one of the highlights of the record. When skimming through them while hearing the galvanizing jolt of instrumentation is both a glorious and agonizing experience. In a similar vein, “Fear For Me Now,” has a bullheaded charge toward a breakdown that is confusing and disorienting as the walls shatter around the listener and become mere atoms.

When the transition to “An Apparition” floods into the ears, emotions of defeat and being dragged on the undertow flash into the mind. END takes the two-minutes featured on this track and wastes no time on working the body with lightning-quick jabs to the abdominal. When recovery seems near, the group fades into a complete warpath where the chugging instruments bounce between a one-two step and the rapid-fire machine gun rounds to scatter the cover and break down defenses.

From opening pages to closing covers, END is a behemoth that during times of utter uncertainty, can provide one everlasting truth. Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face will do everything in its power to destroy the comfort zone the audience is engulfed around.

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