Classic Day – Horror Drama


It is easy to become lost in the tidal waves of sound that increasingly shift by the day now that the internet has made music such an accessible and often-times, disposable medium of communication. But it is vital to focus on those who without the internet, would remain trapped to a dead sea of misplaced cassettes and forgotten vinyl pressings.

GRB hails from Barcelona, Spain with a simple, but monumental way of producing sound. Essentially, every member from the vocalist down to the percussionist has the same method of forming cracks in the pavement through as much noise as possible. In the self-titled work, Grb is an 18 track monster of rapid-fire hell that still shows a total runtime of under 20 minutes. With tracks that range from 29-seconds at an average, the dog-pile tactic surrounds the listener and embodies the spirit of hardcore.

Here, opening with “10 Segundos” or “Buen Camino,” GRB is instantly aggressive and cares more about being as harsh as possible rather than creating comfort. No doubt, Grb is harder to understand for those who are incompetent and only speak a single language. But dialect is no barrier here as tracks like “Nazis Muertos” and “Cínica Justícia” do not require much bilingual nature to understand that the emotional draw is the same. The overwhelming rush that comes from almost noise efforts of GRB is astonishing and stands as a silent martyr for punk rock.

Grb through the work of Juan R. Ferrando, Miguel Coll, Alberto Collazo, and Ángel Fernández Bueno is a stutter step direction into the lo-fi recordings of entirely different cultures that clash to become one. Almost every second spent with GRB intends to be a teaching tool, almost like sparring with an opponent. Each track acts as a punch and the audience has to either dodge or become overwhelmed by the practically blitzing instrumentation and vocals.

Disguised as shouts that perch in solidarity, GRB follows through their self-titled release as a loose, but still meaningful jump into the hardcore Deadpool. They throw their arms in a tense, almost firecracker response to one of music’s less remembered powder kegs.

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