Misc. Day – Spellbound


A Spell For The Death Of Man by Woe is a record that from the inceptive moments burns as this raging effigy, translating distress and abyss-like dread into the forefront of the 42-minute long drag. When the pieces of hammer-smashed judgment finally reaches a resting place, the audience is forced to stare the aftermath directly in the face.

Opening with “Solitude,” the two-minute-long build-up is enough to create a subtle tension before Woe launches more heavily into the onslaught of continuous walls of noise. Not only from the jump is the record a rolling monster, but the lyrics that describe, “The final form surrounding that which we never have known. So bleak it is that nothing will escape, the enemy of all that was and all that should have been.” Spoken mostly in these riddle-esque descriptions, Woe is prolific at intricate writing over an emotionally driven instrumental backing. Even when the anger seems unceasing, Woe is continually matched in energy.

If it is at all possible, A Spell For The Death Of Man has some seconds where the record is truly beautiful and holds this seismic gaze over the listener. With tracks that span an average of six minutes, the time spent with gradual sculpting and strong structure sticks to the brain, especially on the track “Longing Is All That Will Remain.” Here, Woe is essential at combining punishing instrumentation but also the practicability of approachability.

If shorter, more punchy flavored tracks speaks instead, “Wake In Mourning” details accounts of unwieldable misery. Describing, “To rise and continue as this anguish persists, another sacrifice to some rancid god of time… Cold barbed wires, the poisoned hand of time, the sun slowly opens its funeral eye.” When first hearing the lyrics and vocal aspects, it is disheartening and almost unwarranted as the writing style is profound, but the shouts are rooted so closely to death and vanquishing pain. When taking a step back, however, the cascading descent is more engaging than distancing.

Before falling to unreachable depths, Woe combines the strength of closed-fist melodies with brass knuckles at the façade. Almost as if it was a warning sign, the smoke clears and leaves A Spell For The Death Of Man as not only work with many moving pieces but as a jigsaw that eternal rest seems to reside in.

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