New Music – Solitary Confinement


Take the urge to burn anything that is established with the thundering hammers of 10,000 hard-body sucker punches, and essentially the lovechild of Fawn Limbs newest record, Their Holes Aroused By The Splinters Carved From Their Teeth will be born. Enchanted and resurrected from the boundless might of “Geometric Noise Mathematical Chaos” as the band describes on their about page on BandCamp, this eight minutes is bred to eliminate you.

When the first moments of “Reverberated” hit the scene, The minute-long track is an effigy sacrificed toward what lyrics illustrate, “All moments pass and so will you,” before an atmospheric spawn is crushed by pulsating noise. This noise is disguised as the track “Birch Womb” where Fawn Limbs is then identifiable by their rambunctious delivery and pulverizing play style. Eeli Helin covers the noise, vocals, and guitar while Samuel Smith delivers the bass, then Lee Fisher completes the hydra-head with the percussive output.

Together, this grouping is the power violence and hardcore combination that nightmares are sculpted from and the lyrical content is reflective with false saving graces that turn out to be only stopping motions set in place. Describing, “A coffin of secrets, thoughts polished of a memory of home. Plastered with hope, plastered with gold, as if you were not tied by your ankles and throat. I’m only a threat to myself.” Immaculately bleak and almost astounding by how much misery that can be pumped into only eight minutes, the sporadic death spasms and rattles are the last signals of sovereignty that are choked away.

Fawn Limbs commands Their Holes Aroused By The Splinters Carved From Their Teeth as if it were a miniature, but conquering militia of sound. Nothing is microscopic about their walls of noise however and one of the highlights of the record is just how concise and well-executed this form of torture is. From the last track “Extortion Parcel” which is both a cohesive ride on train rails and moments of free form destruction, Fawn Limbs is a non-conformative animal that lingers along no formidable barrier.

But ultimately, the track “Pleura Touch” is the closest relation to human nature that Fawn Limbs show through describing, “Floundering while gasping for air, ascension through drowning. Striving to climb back up from the old black hole, hauling myself through the murk.” All while an instrumental beatdown is occurring, they continue to illustrate, “And the splinters they carved from their own teeth are finally sinking in, excessively deep. Lightless, my lungs scorching inflate with a torrid air.” The writing style is misery from the first seconds, but can accurately describe what listening to their music feels similar to, every piece of the body failing under immense weight.

When the burden of broken spirit and body is lifted, Fawn Limbs stands in the distance, surrounded by mystery and shrouded in cloaked confidentiality. When Their Holes Aroused By The Splinters Carved From Their Teeth finally reaches the terminal station, all that chaos is engraved on the listener like a mark of the coven.

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