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The beauty of music is how it can transpire physical barriers of border and leap bounds across the planet to connect creatives in a matter of seconds with the internet. While many Americans could probably never even point Belarus out on a map, Molchat Doma is able to champion a distant sound that interferes with European abstract angles dissected into digestible noise.

If not realizing the record was pressed in 2017, S Krish Nashih Domov could easily pass as an under-the-radar 80’s early goth record that could play in the darkened hallways of inner-city clubs. Where this almost tyrannical instrumental filled with both breakneck dance ballads or the gentle approaches of the morning sun, S Krish Nashih Domov brings somehow a feeling of seeing a machine begin to stride throughout the record.

The legs begin to twitch with the self-titled track “Doma Molchat” that is a raging inspiration to the synth-pop waves and runs that capture this essence of something familiar but undoubtedly new at the same time. With S Krish Nashih Domov, much of the record relies on the factor of how much movement that can be crammed into the two-three minute tracks that Molchat Doma commands. The space is simply layered but adds minor intricacies with rhythm and note structure that makes each listen have something worth coming back to.

As other factors like lyrics are gradually worked into the mix, the ethereal filter that is placed on Egor Shkutko’s voice is in tandem to the almost obscure emotion that washes over the listener. With lyrics that are impossible to decipher unless knowing the native language, the filter makes the translation unnecessary because the vocals act more like an instrument to produce sound than tell a story here. It is a functioning additive that can piece together these gaps in the production and shine at times even while remaining entirely monotone.

One of the most memorable things that Molchat Doma engrains onto the listener is that transient bass kick that springs through each track like a recognizable old friend. As S Krish Nashih Domov progresses, the underlying kick is there as a foundational hand to hold that guides the listener to this world of harshly cut angles and neon embers that flutter between blinks. Every piece of the empire that Molchat Doma constructs appear to move on its own, even while remaining nearly and absolutely synthetic.

The most organic parts of the record dive into this muck and mire where the consciousness is instead turned to an obscurity machine. Emerging anew from the metallic ocean, S Krish Nashih Domov is the iron castle that stands not as an intimidating factor, but as a symbol of unity through sound.

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