New Music – Boundless Beings


If being stabbed in the ears by syncopated grinding while nearly angelic voices carried over the subject, easing out of consciousness onto the unrelenting black death that follows, that picture painted would be by Sightless Pit. A trifecta with members Lee Buford of The Body, Kristin Hayter of Lingua Ignota and Dylan Walker of Full Of Hell; each member has a distinct style that burns like etched carvings into the flesh of the listener.

Grave Of A Dog are the best parts of each member’s group tied into one single unified voice. The beauty and grace of Lingua Ignota clashes with the metallic burning from Full Of Hell, which then is glossed over by a premium midnight coat from The Body. Beginning with “Kingscorpse,” Sightless Pit is ritualistic in the way that the vocals spawn as these chants that are quite fulfilling in an otherwise dystopian wasteland. Then as the percussive beat begins to form a rhythm to the vocals, the track erupts into this tar-ridden snap of horrid growls and inhumane walls of noise.

Most of the time spent on Grave Of A Dog reflects this extensive reach that each artist has, but through unboxing harsh noise elements and catchy, almost trance -heavy tracks. Following a vein with “Drunk On Marrow,” Sightless Pit instantly divides with something somewhat close to a traceable percussive beat. It is then thrust into a burning, but identifiable churn of an utterly painful death. Similar to a funeral march, Sightless Pit enacts these moments of rage and despair within digestible sections of track.

One of the strangest pieces on the record is “Whom The Devil Long Sought To Strangle” which is a collection of torture tools disguised by sporadic keys and strings being manipulated to form a river of deceit. As the track flows on, the percussive noise is tied into sounds of confusion rather than comfort and is a mental strain to hear as the fight or flight emotions begin to flood. “Whom The Devil Long Sought To Strangle” tears the listener apart piece by piece and engrains an irremovable mark onto the audience.

The final track, ”Love Is Dead, All Love Is Dead” is the calmest selection that Sightless Pit offers, closing the flood gates that were a brutal and sadistic ride. Before looking back at the hellish scars, Sightless Pit is more focused on ruthlessness than mercy.

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