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Sometimes an artist can push the gritty reality of their background into the spotlight for an audience to look upon and hopefully, retain some knowledge from what is seen. With Pistol P Project by G Herbo also known as Lil Herb, there is an intense ride through Chicago’s operational South Side where most residents are not able to share their opinion globally. While a banging hip-hop project at the forefront, under the surface is a harsh reality that G Herbo is able to show justice to, even if the truth is not exactly pretty.

Welcome To Fazoland is often the first introduction to G Herbo and while that project was a statement in the Chicago drill rap scene, Pistol P Project is a well-collected shout into the never-ending void of violence and misery that follows. It picks up almost exactly where G Herbo left off previously, with outstanding production that is captivating and clever writing that is a direct link from the street to knowledge. As the record opens with “Pistol P (Introduction),” there is a news clip that explains, “Violent weekend in Chicago has left 11 people dead and 60 wounded in shootings across the city.” While emotionally shocking, this is a piece of where G Herbo is from and he develops himself around that chaos like a master of his environment.

It follows and is shown well on the track “Where I Reside,” which is a step back from the City of Broad Shoulders and into the City of Big Straps. He explains, “Drug raids, conspiracies, murders, homicides, mommas cryin’, that’s what’s going down where I reside… You niggas rap about respect, well I’mma die ‘bout mine. 7-9 Roc Block, that’s where I reside. Seen a lot of niggas die, but I’m not traumatized.” G Herbo’s outlook on life is a broken manifestation of jarring and cruel situations that he was thrown into and as a narrator, he is prolific. Each release from G Herbo since the Lil Herb days was not only invigorating through the energy, but was also able to paint this bloodstained portrait of his own personal growth.

While choosing production was always a strong suit for G Herbo, the instrumentation on Pistol P Project is another admirable display as a loop to his designer belt. Especially the beat on “Quick And Easy” which as an instrumental alone could carry the 808 and symphonic mixes to hip-hop heaven. There is something that works so well with G Herbo’s voice and then using these conflicting sounds of choirs and aggressive instrumentation to orchestrate bliss and hell crashing together.

While many of his fans have never even been to Chicago, Pistol P Project by G Herbo is a pistol whip to the head as a wake-up call. While it is violent on the surface and rambunctious through the pure power that he exerts, there is a social message that lies next to the record in the form of a social prophet.

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