Misc. Day – Abrasion Tactics


Death Grips has been a staple on electronic experimentation when coming into the creation of sound. They have redeveloped, reshaped, scraped away, and then rebuilt from the ground up on their records. With the 2018 release, Year Of The Snitch took some time to grow but has now flourished into a foreboding tree with roots above and branches below that extend far beyond as an approachable, but demented continuation.

Year Of The Snitch is a step back into the blackened light that conflicts with 13 tracks and a 37-minute runtime. From the opening track, “Death Grips Is Online” which is a schizophrenic display of turbulence through these scattered snare cracks under an abrasive wave of instrumentation. The entire record follows in this frantic nature that is almost similar to a caged animal trapped but snapping loose. As the shackles are broken and the screams from MC Ride, the band’s lyricist are heard over the loops of other vocal tracks as everything in this twisted masterpiece begins to click into place.

By no means is this an extension of The Money Store, Exmilitary, or even their strange but prolific work The Powers That B which consisted of two different discs. This is an exotic step back into the California powerhouse that consists of Zach Hill and Andy Morin or better known as his moniker, Flatlander. In this cosmic display, Year Of The Snitch plays out coherently and is surprisingly organized when coming from a group that thrives in chaos. From the tracks like “Hahaha” or “Dilemma,” they are straightforward and are based solely on this rock foundation that is palatable even for fans outside of the internet spectrum.

Then there are the moments where Year Of The Snitch abandons all reserves and instead drops this cinderblock weight on the listener with “Shitshow” which is exactly as it entitles. The track covers complete noise but is still a mess of grand proportions. It is collected with components that resemble a track but are more focused on the instrumentation and percussion that takes the listener by storm. It is this grinding grasp onto the audience that leaves the room looking like a warzone.

As Death Grips transitions from track to track, Year Of The Snitch begins to act as a compilation of tracks that are not quite loosies, but still, have this flow among them. There is not a strong connection from each piece, but it somehow fits perfectly under the same vein of death in the burning sun. From bursting out of house shows to the main stage, it appears that Death Grips becomes the night stalkers of the music industry, leaving only a wake of ash to follow.

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