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Intimidation factors in hardcore are such vital components of the genre, especially coming from New York outfit Krimewatch that hacks and slashes their way through nine-tracks in 12-minutes on their self-titled record, Krimewatch. It is fascinatingly clean when compared to the sound of other records, but has this grit behind the clenched teeth in the mosh pit that shakes the Earth’s core.

With this rumbling bass that sparks “Dreams Of Peace,” almost every primal desire comes to fruition as the drums are slowly added into the mixing pot of hellish ability. Their sound may not be a reinvention of the wheel, but it is done so to recreate and reinvigorate that love for a dystopian city ravaged by exciting hardcore. Whether it is necessary to state or not,  Krimewatch is incredibly tight on this record and have segments of Krimewatch that are bite-sized punches toward this overarching ache of leadership behind the sound.

Every instrument clashes together to form this head-on rush that transfers from track to track, even with the almost approachable piece “Intruder.” They are loud, aggressive, but not quite animalistic to the point that makes their music feel as if it was an attack from emotion, but instead, a planned strategy that relies on form rather than chaos to prove themselves. Krimewatch makes a diving tackle into “New York Nightmare,” a track that burns up their backyard of Brooklyn where the record is more a burst of entertainment and fun, rather than something more frontrunning.

As every corner turns in the hustling city of Manhattan, Krimewatch stays close and within reach with the track “You Lose” that is a stomping push with a memorable guitar foundation that works in tandem to the percussive one-two slap. With vocals that are more spoken word to coincide within the raging instrumental, it is a lovely closing chapter to one of the shorter but repeatable experiences of 2018. With any band that has hardcore roots in one of the strongest cities to ever spawn, Krimewatch has large boots to fill to breakout and achieve an all eyes on them perspective with a population of nearly nine million.

They break the concrete mold but still keep that layer of plaster that has allowed for this sound to become popularized throughout. The elements of a great hardcore band are here, and the short runtime allows for multiple relistens before the audience can get back up from the surging pits and crowd surfers that clamor above. With Krimewatch adding another loop to the extended belt of hardcore, the future holds high regard for whatever is brewing underneath the curtains for Krimewatch.

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