Misc. Day – Child Of The City


Somewhere lost in the personal touches that grace the Manhattan skyline lies Medhane through the confusion that is a maze of a city. His personal touches noted as introspective rhyme schemes and disguised behind often beautiful production comes to a tipping point on the 2018 release Ba Suba, Ak Jamm. Every influence, reference, and sound points in this trifecta directly back to Medhane as the leading role through.

“Child of the city that I was born in, as we move forward we cut losses. See through the smiles that they enforcing, busy tryna see my fortune,” describes Medhane on the curtain pulling track “MedTypeBeat!.” The production is reminiscent of Taxi Driver where the sound just seems lost under the weight of the detrimental setting, playing a parallel to the lost temperament of Medhane. It is almost this coming of age story out of the thin air, appealing to the apparitions and lost tales of New York. Each story is entirely unique, but relatable and for some strange reason keeps this replayable factor behind the record.

Ba Suba, Ak Jamm proves to be not just a substantial story to be told but shows these stone pillars where the rhymes and production rely on each other. They can stand entirely on their own, but when paired act as monuments to reflection. On the Tony Seltzer and Laron produced piece “AiteDen,” Medhane uses more up-beat instrumentals as he glances over the waters of growth. He describes, “On looking for a map for the mission, stuck inside the real world. Think it ain’t nothing to feel, ain’t nothing to steal,” as the rattling hi-hats string along to the frantic chirps and beeps that accompany Medhane.

Each track acts as a passage to the next moment where the 13-minute journey finally hits “DeyShootin’” which acts as a final push into the unknown. This is an avant-garde and experimental styled rap project that brings narration and spoken word to a forefront, describing “Work from dusk till the day for the fruits of your labor, fatal with the truth on these papers… Only fools lose the race, boy it’s more time, I’ve been ducking from the crossfire.” Medhane speaks both his inner war and peace over this production switch from often a daunting experience to a thrilling one, where “DeyShootin’” has one of the more interesting build-ups into a track that barely reaches over a minute.

Never has a storyteller been compelling in such a short time, capturing the early dusk hours of sleepless nights in a big city. He steps out from this shadowed frame,  illustrating a new dawn and hope for requiem to the paths that the past took. This is an island capturing that starts with Medhane and a few instrumentals that eventually leads to an entire city hurting under the same tune.

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