Misc. Day – Greyhound


While the sound is lazy and carefree, there is nothing lazy behind the London musician Cosmo Pyke. A recommendation coming from the slipstream of a United Kingdom undertow, Just Cosmo walks through the often drab skies of England with an ivory Strat in his hands and a step back into the effect heavy tunings of a sunny afternoon.

A Peckham lad that can relate to the hearts of youth in America, Cosmo Pyke balances the fragrance of fresh style with an iconic backbone that draws more inspiration from his counterpart; King Krule who is the mainstream jazz/funk golden child of England. Even by surprise, his vocals often represent a style of Krule’s where the almost stoned performance is enticing and deliberately shining. He can communicate through his guitar works and the dazed percussion that lumps together these segmentations of shaky instrumentation blasts through the red and blue lines on the EP’s cover.

Everything about Just Cosmo reigns as an approachable, 5-track EP that strikes just barely over the 25-minute mark. With his often shifting tempos and chord structures, Cosmo Pyke quickly establishes himself as an upstanding bittersweet gloomer.

He has this vocal performance that tightly walks between being able to jump for energetic joy and a rainy stance on the edges of town. But somehow, through the bi-polar footing and all the mellow rainy days; Cosmo Pyke truly defines intrigue between instrument sequencing and segments.

With the fourth track on Just Cosmo, “Social Sites” is this dancing blue track that takes a journey through repetitive bliss. He is young to the music industry but creates the potential for a personable drift through this musical ocean of sound. With 2019 almost coming off the cuff and 2020 on the horizon, Cosmo Pyke has been quiet but will hopefully see a full sail on the coming year as his sound becomes a unique float down memory lane. As if he was a Great Dane that stands guard on the edge of some manor outside of London’s rather busy city; Cosmo Pyke is disconnected but never too far to be out of reach.

Listen To Just Cosmo Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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