New Music – You Think They Want Me On A Yacht?


The Alchemist is one of the greatest producers that can manipulate samples to fit exactly what he is trying to illustrate. As he paints this beauty of vivid imagery, Yacht Rock 2 is an island king that rides among a wave of popping instrumentals and verses that are sky blue seas dipped with gold chains.

Never weighed down, The Alchemist works through this primarily authentic sound with horns that feel warm and create a grasp on the listener. His opening piece, “Exclusive Vibe (Intro)” is a New Yorker’s ride through Coney Island with the saxophone and jazz styles creating a strict dichotomy between city and beach life. It is a clear cut as the Taxi Driver-esque use of brass surrounds the boat that Alchemist sets forth to sail among other seas. A concept that almost everyone is familiar with, Yacht Rock 2 expresses the lavish lifestyle of seeing the Mediterranean without ever leaving home base.

Later in the record, “Sex In The Fountain-Bleu” features Meyhem Lauren with a destructive verse over an 80’s pipeline beat that relies on what Lauren describes as “Miami Beach shit.” The track itself is quick and only performs a single verse, but the eccentric stylings of The Alchemist is a perfected complement to the rough vocals from Lauren, where the track is sculpted as a gentle wave with a speed boat. The two mix almost effortlessly though as the next track “Stugots” is transitioned into smoothly with an almost seamless segue.

Here on “Stugots,” Willie The Kid features over this smooth piano class display where dinners come on $100 dollar plates. The instrumental is almost romantic when it features with Willie The Kid as he describes, “Rockefeller Oysters, smooth sailin’, Bluetooth some Van Halen. Michael Bolton, somersault in the saltwater.” His voice trails off as Willie The Kid finishes the verse describing, “Bandana, plant the fine print, you get shot. Tequila shots on the Stugots, you pussy.” As the two dive deeper into the crystal clear water, The Alchemist grabs the listener by the hand showing them an Atlantis of sound.

Later, The Alchemist moves to become docked with “The Floating Hotel,” one of the last pieces on Yacht Rock 2. The 295 footer pulls into the harbor, with an assortment of features that astonish and shine against the sea salt ridden bay. As onlookers watch, The Alchemist drifts the yacht, effortlessly sliding it in a parking space with well-adjusted sea legs.

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