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In the famous land of 808s in Memphis, Tennessee, one gang of outlaws ruled influential sound for a generation of musicians and artists. Project Pat came out slightly after the Three 6 Mafia boom in 1999 where his debut record, Ghetty Green could become outrageous sampler food 20 years after its first initial release. Working to adapt his own stance off the springboard that was Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat quickly sculpts his own storyboard that plays off the background of representation through reverb.

When the first track “North Memphis” hits the scene, the joyride comes through the loose keys that shine along like gold on a chain. Rather than wearing the chain, however, Project Pat snatches it and decides to ride along with juicy rhymes that pack a bite. He holds a standard that works in to be the foundational rhyming style of the south with some gangster flair, describing simply, “Mane it’s Project Pattah, player from the sizzouth. Always pack the gat-ahh, gold teeth in my mizzouth.” He moves into a proud shoulder shrug that continues to taunt the lyrics, “North Memphis” as part of the production behind his lyrics almost as a battle cry that never reaches a shriek. Before balancing the idea of moving a transitional force through the MPC to microphone descriptions of his hometown, Project Pat takes his show on the road into the following track “Represent It.”

Every piece of Ghetty Green shows the immense productivity and grand nature that Memphis breeds. Project Pat moves happily through the crowd, illustrating his ability to crown himself a king on Ghetty Green. “gotta get the cream, get the cheese, that’s by any means. If ya real then throw ya set, let me see ya sign,” explains Project Pat behind these horns sections and prolific drum rolls that clap along to features from Noreaga, DJ Paul, and Juicy J.

Truthfully as he moves into the midpoint of the record with track nine of 20 on Ghetty Green, Project Pat claps with a pistol under midnight shade through track “Rinky Dink/Whatever Ho” which features Hypnotize Camp Posse alongside Juicy J, DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black, MC Mack, T-Rock, and finally Gangsta Boo. The verse chord structure leads to Project Pat covering as the final verse on the five-and-a-half-minute track, illustrating “A lot of gunfire, bustin’ on you hoes to get my point across. Ridin’ in your hood and let the mothafuckin’ bullets toss.”

The piano and percussion combination is enough to make the ears bleed and cut across speakers through this cadence that works so well under Project Pat’s wing, perfectly segueing his strength in performance. It may seem overbearing at times, but the intense amount of feature verses only better highlights the team effort that came from the Memphis area. Between the sound, the style, and the burning bodies that lay stacked under the boots of Project Pat, nearly every star aligns for a debut record to punch through the club in a sucker-slug fest.

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