Socrates once said, “One thing I know, and that is that I know nothing… and Comethazine will let the choppa spit like a fool.” While none of this may be true, or perhaps it is, the newest installment of the ongoing three-part saga points to a perfect triangle through BAWSKEE 3.5. With his infectious hooks, beastly metaphors, and a hundred round similes for anyone that stands in the way, Comethazine is a Sunday cartoon character spawned to rap.

Anyone following Comethazine since his incredibly fast rise through music will notice the theme of burning bodies, stacked cash, and comedic writing within his work. Before the listener can really gain some ground to balance on, BAWSKEE 3.5 flies through several tracks as most of the lengths only barely will hit the two-minute mark. Often, a smooth minute-and-forty seconds is all that Comethazine needs to shatter backboards with slum-dunk approaches.

With 12-tracks in 22-minutes, BAWSKEE 3.5 is a roller coaster that works to the advantage of both Comethazine and the listener, opening with a sucker punch entitled “HENCH MAFIA.” He describes over a booming beat that uses this almost iconic piano that he has become accustomed to, “Ain’t nothing changed, bitch I still feel right when I do wrong. It’s one change, just the paper, it was short now it’s long.” With each step, the Earth seems to shake between the 808 assaults and the iron bars that Comethazine brings to the dinner table. Speaking of eating, his choppa seems to hit more than just the buffet throughout BAWSKEE 3.5 as he opens to a surprising acapella track where the isolation does nothing but aid his performance.

On the track “STAND,” Comethazine uses this void of space to power through the acapella, describing “That boy tried to play me, now he on his deathbed, paramedics pulled a slug out his head. That nigga know he shouldn’t’ve fucked with my set, initiate him then pronounce him as dead.” Never originally thinking Comethazine could truthfully carry an acapella based on his often repetitive bars and hooks, but somehow it works as an illustrative and heavy side-arm to BAWSKEE 3.5. Without an instrumental, the lyrics here are easier to focus on and to realize just how sinister Comethazine can be on the microphone.

In a world where no one is untouchable, BAWSKEE 3.5 stands chest flexed with a bulletproof vest thrown to the side. To Comethazine, competition is just the next man to spot and drop, eagerly waiting in the shadows for the next walking lick to appear out of thin air.

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