Misc. Day – Zone 6 Demon


There is something almost fantasy that appears through the powerhouse producing of Pi’erre Bourne from New York, and the slimeball machine Young Nudy from Atlanta. Whether it is the ability to shatter backboards from alley-oops, the drive-by style, or the exciting and carefree nature from the 808s, this A-team has underlying methods through Sli’merre that makes the record a heaping serving of intimate, but crisp sound.

50-round clips could not keep this team-up from forming as Bourne is one of the most recognizable in the industry for production and beat-making. Nudy is not far behind as a vocalist and has seen a steady rise since the release of his 2016 project Slimeball. With a distinct vocal delivery and an ability to ride the booming and variable 808s that Bourne is known for, Sli’merre quickly climbs into the warm spot within the listener’s heart for its fire features and all-star performances.

“Long Ride” opens Sli’merre with a carousel of sound, becoming a haze of these beat patterns that whirl and almost create this carnival where Nudy is the center act. Bourne sculpts to push Nudy closer and closer to the edge of explaining, “Whatever you wanna call it, kick doors, get money, jack, rob, nigga I done did it. Rob, get money on a mission.” Somehow without becoming a mundane task, Nudy continues this polarizing detail over an intoxicating synth loop that adds more slime than salt to the track. Nudy tends to glide over the production as if he was this smooth illustrator of a hoodrich novel.

Those familiar with previous works of either artist on Sli’merre will recognize a similar style as the two have paired up before, but now they are working on nearly all cylinders to knock heads off like a judge and executioner combination. As the track “Dispatch” rolls around, DaBaby is introduced as a feature that adds some more southern flair as Young Nudy describes a horror show of inescapable violence. He begins the verse demonstrating, “Pull up like a hundred strong, pulled up with like 30 sticks, pulled up with like fifty Glocks. 25 Uzis know we goin’ stupid. Strapped up in this bitch, better not move stupid, knock ya head off is you fucking stupid?” The instrumentation that immediately kicks off into a sweeping leg motion that takes the listener through this exhilarating rush of firearm fascination, a distinguishable land for both Nudy and Bourne.

The 12-track, 39-minute long project is a continuation of one of the best team-ups in rap history. Nudy and Bourne are able to quickly bounce ideas off of each other and produce numbers to the point where they decide on instinct, balancing more on their hips than a big iron pistol. From producing to catchy wordplay, Sli’merre shows how progressive the two are as their careers adapt and change to fit an always evolving landscape.

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