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If 2016 had Romantic, the unfiltered and unapologetic sucker punch from Philadelphia outlet Mannequin Pussy, then 2019 saw the older sister coming home to lay down the ground rules and re-layer desire with Patience. As the almost animalistic intrigue fades from Romantic into Patience, there is a new direction that takes Mannequin Pussy on a more mature, almost approachable force of nature.

Immediately recognizable from their garage-style that translates perfectly into detailed anthems of self-loathing, Mannequin Pussy is simply a phenomenon. Nothing touches the group that seems to set the world ablaze as loosely shown through the cover art of Patience. Mannequin Pussy is still rugged around the edges and grasps the land of hollowed Earth that is easy to be stricken with powerhouse performances. But something has certainly changed on Patience, something that lies deeper with planned attacks over the overwhelming barrage.

Beginning with the self-titled track “Patience,” the strings illustrate this mix between upbeat rock and a sectional of punk. The two styles are similar, but blend somehow to form these transitions and movements through the rapid percussive sets from Kaleen Reading and shouts from frontwoman Marisa Dabice. Not only is the group able to form with Colins Rey Regisford on bass and Athanasios Paul on the guitar, but Mannequin Pussy is somehow both wrenching and easy on the ears.

The instrumentation is often a crashing wave that cascades through booms and crashes that then consequentially push back into the reservoirs of gentle moves. Never rising to anything less than an exhilarating showcase, their musical athleticism strikes progressively and without any faltering. Similar to the styles of Romantic, their 2019 release Patience is exciting through each listen and proves a new flavor on an old favorite.

Each time that Mannequin Pussy reappears out of the darkness, they continue to reprimand and inflict damage, here with Patience, the playing level has changed. Now rising from the ashes of one of the most replayable records of 2016, Mannequin Pussy begins to reshape their sound starting from the ground floor. They are still recognizable, but now they have crisp flair that hopefully, continues as they adapt and emerge anew once again.

Listen To Patience Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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