Misc. Day – Unholy Trinity


As the final stops appear in Lil Ugly Mane’s saga, the three-volume mix of what becomes this conglomerate of essentially a musical grenade. A continuous explosion that rocks subwoofers and becomes an independent mess that floats through peaks and valleys before finally falling apart in this looming experience. Third Side Of Tape is the last installment of the subsonic art piece that hits with a low shoulder but picks up the pieces afterward.

While Richmond, Virginia lets out a cry into the sunken night skies, Lil Ugly Mane takes the listener through a swamp of music. The uplifting moments on Third Side Of Tape come from the strange and eclectic ability from Lil Ugly Mane. The artist known for his morose production and ability to rhyme through leaned-up bars becomes a conductor of this misshapen, almost Frankenstein-esque monster of an orchestra. Playing everything from noise sets to dance heavy 180-bpm bass bumps, Lil Ugly Mane quickly strikes and then retreats back to the darkness.

He is this otherworldly force that explains on his BandCamp page, “The third side. final side. in no particular order. alot of it might be older than you and not as cool as you.” As one of the strongest forces in underground internet rap, Lil Ugly Mane breaks his movements up as six total tracks, each ranging to around the 20-minute mark on average. So in total comes over two hours of music that at often times is a welcoming surprise when the noise tracks flood into a grasping performance. Third Side Of Tape is easily the longest release coming from Lil Ugly Mane at this time in 2015 and graces these almost impossible feats within it.

This record is for strange, the tossed away, and the memories of over 15-years doing one single thing. As Lil Ugly Mane continues to create in one of the internet’s biggest music mysteries, he has now begun to let the light break through slightly and show a more physical, almost personal appearance. He still shakes hands with a long arm and never appears to be too close to the public eye, but he definitely shows signs of creativity and ingenuity on Third Side Of Tape.

Third Side Of Tape is difficult to understand and comprehend in a single listen. From the movements of throwing up rifles or shaking production, whether robbing or creating, Lil Ugly Mane delivers for every mood. Existential dread or the feeling of invincibility, the Three Tape Saga will forever invoke emotional attachment far beyond time can reach. With samples and production to match the insanity that goes through Lil Ugly Mane’s mind, the extension of his musical ability is only shown through a fraction of the final part to his always extending methods of both destruction and creation.

Listen To Third Side Of Tape Here!!! – BandCamp

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