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Known for his intoxicating ability to envision warlock powers over hip-hop beats; Future is the Atlantean King, riding his own wave that spawned numerous lyricists following in his path. As he moves from the turn-up to the broken drug addicted messenger, SAVE ME is a cry for help that is familiar.

Future has been in this place before; he has shown vulnerability that impacted listeners through previous releases but never captured the broken emotions quite like this. His first piece “XanaX Damage” is a rendition of how captured he is to this “entity” within his life. Whether a female partner or addiction embodied through his lyrics, he is passionate and describes, “Baby if I want you then I know there’s something wrong. I don’t mean to ruin all the times we had alone. But I’m not my best with you, I’m so depressed with you. But it’s so hard, I don’t think I can exist without you.” He is broken on SAVE ME and not his usual braggadocious-self and instead adopts this troubled delivery.

Even with the following piece “St. Lucia,” he never proceeds to become this aggressor on the track. He is sheltered almost and mixes up his flows to become in recovery through SAVE ME where all else is crumbling around him. He begins to slowly rise in this cockiness factor and eventually returns to his old self in “Please Tell Me” which instantly erupts in flames. Watching the progression in beat selection is important as well as it coincides with how Future operates to tell a story. “XanaX Damage” begins with a heartfelt and personal attachment to addiction, then as he reaches the third track, he sculpts his ego once again.

It is a welcome return but will continue to fluctuate on SAVE ME until the final moments where the dust settles around Future and he is left alone once again. His most famous performances come from when he is his most impressionable and here on SAVE ME he works in the personal factor more than anything. The way that he can make heartbreak a relatable and somehow energetic turning point is beyond comprehension. As Future moves between murky waters, his apex-predator status continues through the dusk into a brighter and more hopeful day.

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