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About 175 miles from Paris, France lies the city of Laval; home to a humbling population of around 50,000 people. Included in that population is a heartbroken weight that continues to sink alongside the post-punk revolution of sound, Birds in Row spawn inside an ocean of despair that combines aggression with the sense of bitter instrumentation.

We Already Lost The World is their fourth release with a three-year hiatus from their last studio record, the power grew. During that break-in time, Birds in Row were able to begin the refining process on their writing and development behind a collective punch of six total years of work. From the jump of 2012 with their first record; to the nine-track, 34-minute anchor that begs to bear teeth, We Already Lost The World is a candle against heavy incoming darkness. There is a small beacon of hope that is displayed through the record in these harsh screams, bursts of energy, and a crushing presence on the instrumental side.

Even as the first track “We Count So We Don’t Have To Listen” draws back the curtain with these subdued guitar strums, the sudden door-kicking motions blast back the hinges and become organized but frantic. The playing is tight, but the overall picture becomes loose through the manipulation of sound. It is that nice sentimental feel of creating both the blend of anger and raw ability with sporadic delivery and an arsenal of tenacity. We Already Lost The World is an abrasive record that demands attention to this belligerent sense. Not only does this record create a hostage situation with the formality, but Birds in Row can illustrate a glue to hold together the listener and personal experience.

The lyrics have this shouted approach through each line and there is little in the room for low-energy as muttered shouts and broken screams can be heard into this void. Each vocal performance nestles so perfectly within the instrumental performances to the point that the record is a supreme demonstration of chemistry within. The front lines of battle become blurred with “I Don’t Dance” which instead of creating tension through building up sequences, they just simply throw this wall of sound at the beginning of the track to open up the pit with rugged intentions.

Somehow still an approachable monster of animalistic energy, Birds in Row creates a French connection to post-punk style and the emotional distress of a drowning pool. Where We Already Lost The World shines is through its ability to shift the tension from players to the listener and create a bridge between pain where both parties see the sinking ship.

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