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There is always talk of a new record stemming from the consistently busy Tyler, The Creator who cut his teeth in 2009 with debut mixtape Bastard. As time progresses with the 10-year mark slowly on the cusp of his career, his sixth studio record Igor is a jumbled selection of heartbreak, unmatched energy, and tracks that are a whole lot of fun to dance alongside to.

This is no longer a continuation of any storyline that Tyler, The Creator has formed and is instead a direct step away in the institution of music. Igor feels as if it was created similarly to a Frankenstein Monster that combines all of Tyler’s loves into a single, flowing piece of simply beautiful work. The synths that lead into “IGOR’S THEME” act as the superhero walk-up music with tension blasting to a new front. Somehow, each release from Tyler is able to slide perfectly into the clutches of the listener, interacting with their life as they continue to grow alongside his artistic façade. Truthfully, the fuzz and dirt that is overlaid throughout Igor gives this record an imperfect touch with a sense of humanity behind it.

“Got my eyes open” describes Tyler before the instrumental shifts to become this whirl of 808’s, rampaging synths, and a key sequence that segues perfectly into “EARFQUAKE”. Instantly, “EARFQUAKE” hits the serotonin reserve banks and transfers into a desperate representation of a heartbroken, love-stricken narrator that describes, “Don’t leave, it’s my fault” on the track’s bridge. Charlie Wilson returns to IGOR to deliver a smooth, mature voice that contrasts with Tyler’s own voice which is pitched up for this performance. One of the heavier hitters of music, Playboi Carti also appears to wrap all these figures of sound into one package at the track’s end where every aspect can combine to sculpt a grand overture of excellence.

Then another favorite, “NEW MAGIC WAND” flashes into the frame; driving 100 mph while weaving between traffic is a necessity. Tyler can ultimately define a formula that is dedicated to building a range of emotions through IGOR. “NEW MAGIC WAND” is a track that hits with this raging performance that is familiar to what would become a kicking and screaming animal toward the track’s second half. “Sometimes you gotta close a door to open a window” describes Jerrod Carmichael which is one of the most accurate descriptions for Tyler’s music.

While he is closing the doors of the past, he opens these windows of his own sound to fly along to. This is not Bastard, Goblin, Wolf, Cherry Bomb, or even Flower Boy. Even if similarities can be drawn from all of those records on IGOR; IGOR is its own adventure. It could feel imperfect, as a wall of sound, and even aggressive at points, but most importantly it creates progression within Tyler. He adapts to become more than just hip-hop, more than just a musical artist, but instead a visionary that combines all these methods of creativity into one Frankenstein Monster that throws the switch on everything he creates.

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