Misc. Day – Metal Mask Jazz


Madvillain was the first record to ever be reviewed on Matt’s Music Mine, the importance of the record in a personal sense strikes grand overtures. It is not only sentimental but instrumentally challenging as a fluctuating marvel that obtains strikes of translucence into the views of two mad villains. Pretty much, the record is a solid 10/10 that translates the love for jazz and sampling into the end of a golden-era for sound.

With Abstract Orchestra’s rendition of Madvillain Vol. 1, the band is lead by saxophone destroyer Rob Mitchell who provides a strong spine to the otherworldly backdrops. The vivid colors, the whirls and twirls, and the arrangement of each piece were generously laid by Madlib. The rework and revamp of his passion comes through the flutes, keys, bells, and whistles that attach to some of the more faithful renditions of one of the most important records to hip-hop.

Countless have tried, but few can capture the essence of what makes Madvillain such a substantial record. Not only was it the rhyme schemes from MF DOOM, but the instrumentals that ride along the vocal waves to captivate and shock audiences with this Frankenstein monster of devilish pleasure. Stitching of nine-total tracks, Madvillain Vol. 1 combines the instinct of Madlib’s style but peeking as a new lens. Putting the coat of fine varnish over an old familiar feeling can rebrand and even spark a love for something once forgotten.

The importance of retracing the steps of Madvillain, creating more of a work-through than a work-around, and then finally balancing an act of authenticity on the shoulders of fascination. The real shines are the “Madmix 1” and “Madmix 2” where Abstract Orchestra combines three-to-five different tracks wrapped into between six-to-eight minutes. The instrumentation where every piece can flow together and ultimately create this recreation of the original foundation of perfect tribute.

The real beauty of Abstract Orchestra becomes their originality to each track where they take small, but substantial liberties with each piece to shift something crisp. Even after Madvillain has been spun over on the vinyl through thousands of listens, Madvillain Vol. 1 can still overcome monotony and illustrate new life to the sound. In perfected segments, 39-minutes becomes thorough enough to sculpt a tasteful finale to a near-perfect blueprint.

Listen To Madvillain Vol. 1 Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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