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“None of these bitches cold as me” Rico Nasty exclaims on her newest joint project with hip-hop destroyer, Kenny Beats. Anger Management is a manifestation of Nasty’s crack to the face of lyrical processes and the infectious nature of Beats’ ability to manipulate a sound like a full-fledged attack.

The tag-team is essentially a tornado of slap boxing that works to balance both the personal descriptions coming from the DMV area, that are laced with these almost methamphetamine styled pieces of production. Kenny Beats is a star on Anger Management that opens the flood gates with “Cold”, a depiction that simply body slams the listener. “Cold” is over the top, raising the metaphorical bar and then dropping it directly onto a skull. The track resonates and has danger behind that acts as a range of screaming ad-libs with a reaching 808 that can swoop in and sweep the legs.

Anger Management for the first near five-minutes is a blitz that gains this traction through being as aggressive as possible. Through the vibrant production and Nasty’s clever and often shocking, wide-grinned wordplay, this power couple of sound becomes intoxicating. However, later around the midpoint, Nasty slows the coupe down to reach “Relative” that adopts a more introspective view toward the often braggadocious and now pioneer in music artistry. She is iconic and uses her equal, Kenny Beats, to build this sprawling world where everything finds balance through the snap of a snare or the fingers.

Often times, both artists are known for their ability to sculpt their own recognizable sound between either lyrics, producer drops, or a drum pattern. As the two join together, Anger Management becomes this heaven-sent collaboration between a trailblazing ensemble. “Yeah I might sell out but I ain’t no sellout,” describes Nasty on the coincidentally named, “Sell Out” that reminiscences on the mental health aspect of Anger Management. This music becomes an outlet for Nasty and Kenny who can work to create a storyboard where Nasty is the narrator as Beats paints the background.

Through the missteps and faults that come with becoming legendary, both Nasty and Beats are starting to show a relative grasp of mastering a unique performance. Whether setting the stage aflame or being the all-star poster children for the mental creative process, Anger Management takes the 12 Step Program and shifts it to fit a new sense of revitalization.

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