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To capture a youthful outlook towards an often cold world seems impossible, but through Leggy, the Cincinnati, Ohioans are able to collective contain hope in a 38-minute pop-rock display. A love letter to the freedom that comes with expression, Let Me Know Your Moon is almost a nostalgic summer blast wrapped up into one complete, escalating package.

As the rough cut, almost sloppy guitar forms in the background of “Antwerp”, the first track coming from Let Me Know Your Moon. The record then blasts into a push of stimulating vocals that are easy on the ears and create affectionate invitations to the listener. Then, the music is able to become a full-fledged, fleshed-out conglomerate of garage rock that materialize through the overarching background of hand-made crafts.

Leggy has a personality behind them and a unique perspective towards the approach of segueing and organizing flow within their record. As Let Me Know Your Moon bounces off the emotional attachment to a high school love letter, the instrumentation is uplifting primarily and continues from “Antwerp” to “Not What You Need” where Leggy begins to incorporate depth to their sound.

“Eden” then jumps into the frame where this sonic adolescence sculpts around the listener and transports this flood of memory into the frame. With the track “Eden”, there is a specification that comes from the obsession where Leggy describes, “I know your birthstone, horoscope… I think you’re perfect.” It is this gratification that comes immediately without any delay as Let Me Know Your Moon becomes infatuated with creating warmth within. The parade of tracks that are marched on the promenade are fine, designing diamond-esque cuts that manufacture around the half-clean and half-slopped arrangement.

In any rate, Leggy creates a record that is ultimately engaging and demands this attention as the waves of noise create walls that begin to ease away from the listener. Rather than crushing or pulverizing, Let Me Know Your Moon is an open demonstration that stands back, allowing for this larger public viewing of the works together. Drenched in a well of endearing policy, Leggy is simply a joy to hear as they hit unison and then disperse into the warm, summer night sky.

With one of the final tracks, “Prom” becomes a sleek and somber display that creates dichotomy within Let Me Know Your Moon. The vocals here are to be perceived as the star of the track, but truthfully the real substance comes from the instrumentation behind. With the emotional guitar and slow percussion that builds, there is a wide range to digest and comprehend as the final bridge connects into the dark unknown.

With a personal touch and beloved ability coming from Leggy, the band is a pop-rock dream that forms the backbone sound of a house show or underground party. As the crowd disperses back to lover’s rock or the backyard jam, Let Me Know Your Moon is there in every step of the journey.

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