Misc. Day – C. Scott Fitzgerald


In the grand time that Pittsburgh has been established as a musical background, the city’s jazz influence is monumental. Not only is the city well known for the Hill District which had a booming jazz age in the 1920s and on, but as the city of Pittsburgh adapts, so do the people and music inside the town limits.

Scott is one of the Pittsburgh musicians that has an immediate sound behind him, through the waves and samples that he can find; C. Scott can manipulate art between his fingertips. There is something special about The Pittsburgh Diaries where he manages to wrap the early funk sounds, even some jazz elements of sporadic percussive sets that links everything under one roof.

With the first track “Climb On”, space plays a huge factor on the introduction from C. Scott as he continues to stack and layer these various noise pieces together. Almost as if he was a masonry contractor, C. Scott goes with a clasping hi-hat and synth chords as the foundations. As “Climb On” begins to open the door of sound, the vibrancy of the sampled vocals and the sudden rush of bass lines flood the listener. It is overpowering as the rhythms dance together and form this symbiotic nature where C. Scott is the conductor.

As the following track, “Hands Free” forms a backbone with this crunching snare snap and becomes one of the head-bobbing movements of The Pittsburgh Diaries. There are these moments that appear through C. Scott’s extremities as he can masterfully capture this heat within the summertime disco. As the beat bounces along and becomes droning, the music takes over and continues over this bumping push and pull within the beat.

When he moves onto the final piece of “At Ease” which is in collaboration with producer OG Buscrates. The two work together, giving a spaced out, but still gripping piece of electric soul. As the funky beat continues, both C. Scott and Buscrates work to be a superpower of comic-book color and animation. With the spectacles of lasers and the consistent up-beat, “At Ease” is a fulfilling closer to The Pittsburgh Diaries.

The practically golden hands of C. Scott capture the beauty of crate digging and dusty records. The links between the electronic world and analog instruments are not fair from each other, The Pittsburgh Diaries connect that world of old and new in perfect, synonymous action.

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