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“I’ve been poppin’ since my demos” describes the disgruntled Future on his newest trap symphony, Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD. The gloves are off as the sixth major studio release in three-and-a-half years bursts onto the scene in a truthful, emotional, and braggadocious display.

Future is no stranger to the rap game, making triple-doubles without breaking so much as a sweat since he burst onto the scene. The collaborative albums, the solo tracks, or the clones that came after; Future is an original in music. Highly respected and for the right reasons; The WIZRD takes Future at his highest and lowest, combining the catchy hooks and the relatable lyrics as a knuckle sandwich of entertainment. “Never Stop” is the opening work that creates a splash around his sound, a vibrancy of color and ability in one synonymous stop. Future describes, “Love is just a word, don’t matter to me” on his sixth number one record to top the Billboard 200.

Without the fame and the superstardom surrounding his aura, Future realistically has a unique sense of adaptability to sound. Instantly recognizable within a wave and ocean of his impersonators, no one does the trap sound better than Future. The WIZRD is without a doubt a strong release that holds an iron grip on hip-hop, unleashing a wave of both blissful autotuned sung vocals, and the punch of 808’s. If it is the drug-fueled bars that entice listeners, or perhaps the varying producers that make appearances, The WIZRD has enough to stand on its own weight.

The legs that support the foundation comes from the 20-plus producers that stem around anyone from 808 Mafia, Southside, Tay Keith, Corbin, and ATL Jacob. His other pieces of groundwork come from the late features near the end of the 20-track saga. Hearing Travis Scott, Gunna, and Young Thug who are some of the largest rappers and artists in the genre right now all in place feels more as a blessing. It would be hard to balance all the talent onto one single release, but Future has no problem sculpting his own merit through the first 15-tracks with no features.

While the features add to The WIZRD, it would have been incredible to see a featureless release that displays Future as the only rhyming artist. As he moves to the spotlight and conquers it, Future has been on instant replay since his earliest days on the 1000 mixtape or the first installment of the Dirty Sprite series.

It seems hard to lose when you stay consistently at the top with an army of rhymers and producers around you. The solid-gold shit talker, expert articulate with his own blend, and the ability to turn a church to a trap house; Future conjures up storms with The WIZRD and still has more in the vault.

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