New Music – And The Award Goes To…


Something about the golden trophies are so enticing to the eye, almost able to make people forget just who they are for one night. Well, rather than a single identifying night; J.I.D. goes for a lifetime with his newest installment on DiCaprio 2. A slugfest full of more than just dirty punches, less snubs than the real DiCaprio, and a brighter shine than a polished piece of silver.

“I heard niggas looking for a problem, but we don’t even move till the rent due” describes the DiCaprio fanatic on “Slick Talk” over a beat transition that has him sitting pretty amongst the incoming waves of flames. J.I.D. is a commander that released under a great stress with business partner, associate, friend, mentor, and producer, Mac Miller’s passing. A death that shocked an industry and seemed impossible; DiCaprio 2 has some battle scars but stands tall somehow, smiling through the immense pain. An unforgettable wound that comes from the fan’s perspective, but a proud display that attaches itself onto recovery.

One of the more impactful first approaches coming from DiCaprio 2 appears from the quick-witted, and even more slick tongue of J.I.D.. Quick pushes to the ignition that jumps into third-gear from first, without much of a warning from the driver seat. As the steam piles off and allows for wildly rapid production changes coming from Pittsburgh native Christo, the trailblazer Kenny Beats, J. Cole, Sonny Digital, and nearly a dozen more producers that hold more weight in one year than most make in a lifetime.

Reaching out into the feature side of things, J.I.D. recruits Joey Bada$$, Method Man, 6LACK, BJ the Chicago Kid, A$AP Ferg, and even J. Cole as some of the backing vocals here on DiCaprio 2. He is an upgrade from what he was creating last year, and even from years before that. As he continues to knock the ball out of the park, soon it will become out of orbit. The lyrical style and approach that he has is unique enough to be recognized. This goes hand-in-hand with his production choosing as well that captures in essence some of the strongest sections of hip-hop.

Watch as DiCaprio 2 struts along the stage, becoming a closed-handed welcoming into the world of 808’s and psychoactive personalities. J.I.D. is charismatic, but able to rely on the shadows to create his overall sound. The shifts from one underground release to another, finally stemming out and achieving a full table of future winnings for the taking.

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