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“Girl, I can’t with you today” Leikeli47 describes over a dial-tone phone that rings to create the instrumentation to the madness of Acrylic. A 2000 hip-hop cover might seem glossy at first glance, and that is simply because it is and delivers. Leikeli47 is a femme fatale that can quickly claw at heads and becoming addicting through the booming instrumentation and unique approach to musical direction.

She may rock a custom ski-mask or bandana-façade, but Leikeli47 has brighter approaches to hip-hop that shake the status foundation and create a new leader for creative work. This new push toward the unknown with booming instrumentation and a vocal performance that becomes inspiring and catchy through hooks and choruses. Even the verses that showcase though one of the memorable tracks, “No Reload” where Leikeli47 is a strong frontal force that explains “When they try to come back to you, tell that ho, ‘No reload.’ Just send that ass packing down the road, no reload. And when they ask you how you know, you say my ace in a hole.”

The variety in Acrylic is what keeps the motion flowing without becoming a congested mess of instrumentals or vocals. Every piece has a working purpose that contributes to the overall spectacle of the custom-ordered, one-of-one, illustrative mastermind. As Leikeli47 continues to move through the track ladder, “Let’s Go Get Stoned (Portier’s Vibe)” completely changes the direction of what the mostly hip-hop heavy release would make the listener believe. As the 1970’s love-making chords start to flood into the dusty, vinyl induced performance; Acrylic shows a deeper appreciation to music than previously engaged.

“Roll Call” is however an anthem with brash lyrical content and a blast of gymnasium shaking percussion. The chorus that describes “Start it off with a roll call, Q’s be my road dogs. AKA’s walking around with they pink and they green on. Delta’s be elephant walking; Zeta’s be live when they talking. Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yay with the Kappa’s. In my black and gold, I throw a blade like an Alpha.” It is an honorary boost to the musical ego and a welcome addition that opens the clouds of movement. On the opposite spectrum, “Iron Mike” is a braggadocios display that sounds well-earned and feels authentic. “This that young Brownsville might, This what workin’ hard sound like. In that hood all damn night, Just hit 12 o’clock on that bite…” Leikeli47 describes almost effortlessly behind her voice.

Acrylic is full of these moments that grab the listener by the shirt and demands, other times, Acrylic is calming within an ocean of storms. It can attack or it can be a relaxed panther that waits to strike again. In any aspect, the people need an anti-hero like Leikeli47.

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