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Albums without a vocal appearance can often times become challenged by repetition. Some listeners just cannot grasp a sense of keeping interest without a performance coming from a microphone. With New Others Part Two, the newest child from California’s This Will Destroy You; the pleasure is all theirs.

There is a sense of ambience behind the record that dives much deeper than the cover art would show. The headstone that is pictured in ironic fashion next to an ambulance strikes almost a comedic undertone to the everlasting end. The period of time where “Sound of Your Death” comes in with raging snares and clashing cymbals, the guitars and strings that sound almost to be battling rather than supporting. Then as the track continues, there is less of a brawl and more of a daunting effect. Burying itself as a panicked animal in the first moments, but deciding to retreat slowly and gracefully. This Will Destroy You emerges almost reborn into a different sound of less ferocity and more fearfulness.

As they move into the second piece, “Lie Down in the Light” is an entirely abstract track with little to no structure behind instrumentation. Wind chills and gentle percussion eases into the frame and continues to push forward ever so slightly. As the tension builds around the two and a half minutes, the sudden droning transition to “Clubs” is welcoming.

This is more similar to the first track but is instead switched as the inviting first moments are then turned into punishing instrumentation. Without becoming too daunting, New Others Part Two has great sense of how to complete a proper pacing and direction of an album. With their sixth studio album, This Will Destroy You has a firm handle on the packaging that resources behind a record. The fast movements that attack as lightning to the thunderous blasts of sound, this instrumental album holds quality over quantity.

Reaching just a fulfilling seven-tracks, This Will Destroy You relapses back into silence and calming waters. Unable to provide a full-frontal assault on each track, New Others Part Two is a well-rounded ball of material. From the highs and lows of California, This Will Destroy You sculpts peaks over valleys.

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