New Music – Hunters and Prey


Bullet wounds that look like lion bites, expensive cars and even more expensive clothing, a rise from the mud-stricken lands of Buffalo, New York; Conway is a trapper and hunter on his newest project, Everybody is F.O.O.D. 2: Eat What U Kill. Explaining his life through the microphone and over instrumentals that would put The Alchemist on a throne, Conway is quick-witted and calm behind his delivery, appearing as a John Gotti of hip-hop.

This unapproachability in Conway’s daily life leads to a vicious style of rhyming that transfers into his life as an artist. The music here is rather simple in production, but done in such a way that it feels layered through immaculate standards. Not only is Everybody is F.O.O.D. 2: Eat What U Kill a continuation of the legendary tales that Conway can describe, but his methods are understandable to a modern audience. As he explains through the gritted-teeth stand-off on “224 May Block”, he is descriptive while leaving enough to the imagination as well. “My lil nigga still ride around with his pole on ‘em, I point a nigga out, he gonna go put a hole in him,” as the adlib of “Green light” flashes quickly to further the quality of storytelling elements.

With hardcore bars as big as Rikers Island, Conway does not trap the listener as a supermax prison would. Instead, he shows them a life that most would never live or want to live. There are moments however, where he shows the glamour and flashing lights that come with rapping and earning through other endeavors. Through the recruitment of B.E.N.N.Y. The Butcher on the track “Painkillers”, Conway is able to add some more flair to an already delightful dish.

The brightest moments are not when Conway has “Jumped out the Lambo truck, with his [my] chain swinging” but is instead where he can ride through a flow and feel relatable through his sound. Surprisingly, his flow is more impressive when he is starting to crack the rough surface around his exterior and allowing this humility to flow through to the inside. He is no internet gangster, not subpar lyricist, and his production selection is nothing to glance over.

Everybody is F.O.O.D. 2: Eat What U Kill is a deeply rich and flavorful fill-up that fits in a perfect segment of production and lyrics. From Buffalo to Los Angeles, Conway has connections and can make another stick of dynamite that booms in the background of your favorite gangster movie.

Listen To Everybody is F.O.O.D. 2: Eat What U Kill Here!!! – Soundcloud (Unofficial Link)

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