Misc. Day – Pale Love


As most indie-styled sounds form, California gives home to the pop-rock band The Marías. Less of a rough street-team and more of a Vogue-centered, bilingual super group of cultural workers forming one working instillation art piece. With Superclean, Vol. II, The Marías are sunset-driven but show potential to break away from the concrete waves in favor for the authentic beaches views that only California can offer.

In what becomes longer segueing tracks that cut and offer stances in electronic percussion and dreamy-strings; The Marías are simple in design and execution but perform the job incredibly well. They shift the stance from Los Angeles’ known hardcore and hip-hop roots to form something more gentle when held against the sprawling city. Superclean, Vol. II is entirely stated in its own title, the release is rather clean with production that depends highly on approachable beats and instrumentation. The smooth vocals come and deliver often in front of subtle synthesizers. This layered jigsaw is more about the depth of how to market and create a synonymous pouncing.

The movement from “Ruthless” to “ABQ” acts as a highway where the singular car represents The Marías on a midnight drive. The windows are down with the upbeat presentations and carefree attitude that fits just right with the tracks. Then as the more sluggish boom-snap and heavier chords flood the frame on “Loverboy”; The Marías prove a manipulative sound that can be replicated and also achieved in different ways. Watching as the emotion transitions from track to track and seems to collectively balance upon angelic courage and downtown races is fantastic and displayed nearly perfectly.

The substantial and go-to album for the nighttime slide or date, there is something special about The Marías that is able to be completely captured on Superclean, Vol. II. Less of a straight-forward arrow and more about the production that surrounds the frankly beautiful vocal performance that pulls in tandem with easy on the ears instrumentation. Superclean, Vol. II is soft and feels protective which is a desirable contrast from what Los Angeles can produce within the often unwelcoming streets.

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