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Through the Mafioso styled records and hip-hop efforts of artists like Conway, Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn, or anyone associated with the immaculate producer The Alchemist. With a distinctive sound and general grasp on production, The Alchemist is a world wide craftsman within a gallery full of missing heads.

The brains behind the operation, Bread gives The Alchemist a standing ovation and overarching soapbox to stand upon. Already known for working with some of the best artists and visionaries within the game of music, Alchemist plays a game of chess with Bread. Standing as brothers-in-arms; hearing the first moments of “Ray Mysterio” where the comic book tag-team of Westside Gunn and Conway punch through and deliver over a classy-formed beat with a crescendoing piano in the backing. “Turn Judas for them Yeezy Season 3’s, the pump’s in the sleeves, don’t make a nigga reach” Gunn explains as the sudden, but orchestrated assault starts to form.


Conway then jumps in on the work, lifting a load of lyrical and poetic mastermind styling over an Alchemist beat. With the visions of red and gold ballrooms and suit and tie affairs that allow the lyricism to be a primary focus here, “Run down on you and fire twice, the bullet wound lookin’ like a lion bite. Bullets lookin’ like half a stick of dynamite, I was buyin’ guns when you other niggas was buyin’ Nikes.”  The Conway bars follow into each other where “Mac 10 Wounds” has beat transitions to test the musical awareness of the rhymers. Alchemist is able to work under these different layers of rappers and become such a versatile artist even within his own sound.

Then the final moments come to the expert poet Earl Sweatshirt who rhymes over one of the more intricate works on “E. Coli.” For any fan that was hungry for new and unreleased Earl, this track is not going to be anything new. But it finally comes to fruition as the recording is no longer a live and leaked release.

Bread holds these tracks that can deliver through either storytelling devices or as singular entities. With the features from Black Thought, Marciano, Sweatshirt, Conway, or Gunn, there is something for the instrumental fan and the raw lyricist. It was a moment that struck inner peace within and was able to transfer back to those moments when music was, and still is the single most important thing in this life.

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