Classic Day – Trip To The Congo


Without a doubt, Walter Wanderley has been placed within the hands of just about everyone who has ever rode in an elevator, watched Adult Swim on television, or ever ventured out into the great wide world of the internet. The iconic structure that Wanderley protrudes from as the first moments of his 1966 release Rain Forest; starting to push momentum into a dance heavy, movement display of sample heaven.

“Summer Samba (So Nice)” is the opening track that holds some sense of resemblance to what most would know of Wanderley’s work. It is the igniting dance that holds these blazing keys and jazz focused rhythms with a performance that becomes deliberate on friendly sensibility. As the musical athleticism starts to shine through on the way the band can mix together and create one singular sound. This method stays consistent throughout the rest of Rain Forest even as the following tracks are not as easily recognized as the first.

Another shining example of sampling gold is the track “Rain” that has this gentle start-up that becomes an island wave crasher. With piano that balances on the modern and classical style, and the motioning synths that carry a backbone to the track. There is a depth deeper than the ocean floor with several layers placed as overlays that includes horns and sudden introductions to the overarching ability of Wanderley’s direction. This continues for a short while until finally fall back into the faster, synth heavy work that feels more familiar than different.

With the jazz influence on the record, Wanderley is a performance machine that can balance the likes of pushing dance numbers and the relaxed ocean beaches. It all takes a special sound to create and the Rain Forest feels as lush and vibrant today as it does when the first chords strike away.

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