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New Jersey brings out the twisted within just about anyone within a hundred-mile radius. Fortunately for the power trio HO99O9 (Horror), that is just what they were destined to do. With their 2017 release United States Of Horror, HO99O9 jumped into the flames with mosh-pits of reckoning force where the Bad Brains collided with an MPC and created the ugly demon offspring of a dark side.

On their newest work Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.], there is an absolute blast of standoffish punk punches that forms over the pumping ability of weighted musician force. It is belligerent, but pretty much stands for what HO99O9 stands for. Whatever that may truly be, it seems that challenging the constant friction that appears in musical stereotypes between supposed sectioned off groups where hip-hop cannot blend with punk. When in fact HO99O9 shows just how well connected they are through the bombastic and bombarding assaults of percussion that transforms like a well-oiled machine.

No longer should rappers not share the stage with punks, Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.] is a direct testament that breaks the walls of genre and burns those stigmas to the ground. From the warping synths that appear off the first track, “Is It Safe To Internet? (unknown virus 1.)” where striking force is the main authority. It has some sense of formality however as the track that follows later “Mega City Nine (unknown virus 4.)” where the crying synths that work in tandem to the fast rattling hi-hats clash together. As the instruments start to brace and abuse, the vocals are placed on this overlays that describe a careless attitude that denies masters.

Following with “Punk Police (unknown virus 5.)” which features N8NOFACE; attacks like a poppy drum of death. The one-two snare and percussion beats that perform while the vocals are a constant flow that rips apart the industry lames and haters that constantly try to test HO99O9 on their punk knowledge. They pretty much say “back up and remember who we are, we don’t care about what you do.” The track “Punk Police (unknown virus 5.)” becomes a crowd favorite that has that self-reflective nature of worrying less and doing more.

As the dial-up starts to spazz while the final phone call is made, HO99O9 starts to wind down and become a broken web browser of immediate disappointment. As soon as Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.] finishes, there is a sudden hope that there will once again be a pop-up link to a disturbing and new release from the New Jersey Devils.

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