Misc. Day – Beach House View


Rocking with the sunshine and the surprising rise from Brooklyn, New York; The Babies are a friendly advancement toward indie-styled rock with beach house flair. Their 2012 release Our House on the Hill catches the cool waves of relaxed vocals, a dreamscape string section, and the pushing percussion that walks hand-in-hand with the gentle sands beneath.

Feeling eerily similar in vigor to a band like The Growlers, The Babies are able to form something similar that works to their advantage and becomes easily approached. The opening track “Alligator” is a calming work that moves through tempo changes before finally succumbing to a steady touch-and-go performance. The band which consists of a lead male and female vocalist who both play guitar, the bassist and the percussionist, and the occasional mix of saxophone or organs as well. Our House on the Hill is a diversified piece that holds little intricacies within the batter, making The Babies act more as cooks to the process.

Shown especially well with the following track “Slow Walkin” which takes The Babies and forms them into this 1960’s joyride of stoned choruses and melodies that fit well into the Californian place-setting. While the band might be from Brooklyn, they actually capture the essence of being placed directly in front of an ocean setting with nothing to do. To just sit and enjoy the sounds of the day without a worry in the world. Even from their more rock heavy tracks that push some form of energy, there is still a meager amount happening within the aggression or even within the ignition of the rather embracing tracks.

By about the midpoint of the record, everything starts to blend together on Our House on the Hill. The cards are starting to be laid out one by one and The Babies continue to do a usual routine that progressively moves through these separate motions. It is still engaging however, but does not enact any surprise behind their sound; which can be a positive thing for them. They are predictable and create a solid foundation early on that continues until the house is fully built and standing tall against the enormous waves of creative power.

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