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Action Bronson was always an artist that never truly sparked a real interest within my own personal discography. He never had that fascinating moment that clicked and had a euphoric feeling behind the music. Blue Chips 7000 came fairly close with the classy instrumentation that took command over the rather comedic and lighthearted raps. With his newest project White Bronco, not much changes here with the possibility to take less serious approaches to music rhymes, with the instrumentation being the largest draw to being replayed.

Action Bronson is by no means a stranger to hip-hop, this is his 11th project and by now, he understands what it takes to create a solid hip-hop release. Perhaps it is the way that he lays the inflections within his vocal performances that never grasped, or the instrumental choice and the comedic flavor. Bronson by himself as a comedian, television personality, and all around nice guy just does not move mountains within his music. From the opening of “Dr. Kimble” that has these rapid and almost verbose ad-libs within the backing that start to border on becoming overbearing at times. The bass heavy instrumental feels more like playing poker at the high roller table while the rhymes are beer-pong at the house party.

While this has been Bronson’s style in the previous years, it just feels more of the same without much in the change of something that challenges the listener or adapts in anyway. The most promising tracks was the first video single, the self-titled “White Bronco” which became an instant repeat and perfect seguing motion into the hype behind White Bronco. The instrumental was flushed and felt more as a forest of instrumentation that could fit hotel lobbies, then as Bronson takes the microphone, he commands it. Becoming a quotable and memorable mess of chiming glimmers and low-eyed mafia boss lyricism.

Throughout the following journey of White Bronco, there is just not enough to capture the potential that the “White Bronco” single had and as a result, White Bronco as a record just falls slightly short of the intended mark. It is not a lengthy piece however, running at the 26-minute mark without crashing too far into unknown territory. Bronson has something here for the Bronson fan and for anyone who is somewhat familiar with his other releases.

White Bronco plays a fairly safe hand that lays the cards down and feels predictable throughout. While Bronson never stuck as an experimental and brow-raising artist, he still has more leverage than usual with White Bronco before riding off into the sunset into a somewhat memorable journey.

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