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From the hip-hop wonderland of Atlanta, MadeinTYO is a promising young artist that had the likes of big name artists reaching out to work with him after his incredibly popular track “Uber Everywhere” burst onto the scene in 2015. Quickly establishing a sound within the current age of pop hip-hop and danceable styles, MadeinTYO finally drops the long awaited record Sincerely, Tokyo.

While the record from the first few listens is nothing fantastic that will outlive the massive success of some of the other artists in a similar lane right now; later listens establishes a love for select tracks while others fall to the wayside. The sound here is unfortunately predictable; there is the Ronny J production credit, the club hit, the single, and the slow, personal track; all while in the course of time, Sincerely, Tokyo feels generic and replaceable.

While MadeinTYO was never an artist that personally made the crowd go wild when his name was mentioned, he still had these hit tracks that would be fun to move with. Sincerely, Tokyo is exactly that, the record is fun to dance to and is very approachable with lots of visual appeal but no real deeper substance. The lyrics present here are not enough to keep the listener coming back for more and the production just feels too similar between tracks.

The opening track “On The Map” does not light any fireworks to blow the gates off the first impressions. Rather, the 808’s that clap along do not create much of a flair and the vocals from the higher pitched MadeinTYO are somewhat monotonous and dull. That is not to say that Sincerely, Tokyo does not have some redeemable moments. Seeing the track “Jump” which lands on the number 11 spot in the track list shows some life in the record. The features from 24hrs does have some weight behind it but the vocals are fairly similar between the two brothers so quite honestly, the beat is what saves “Lil Bih” from falling apart. Even “Ned Flanders” which was one of the singles from MadeinTYO does not do much to save the record from falling to monotony as the track was never something incredibly substantial to begin with.

There just is not enough to make Sincerely, Tokyo feel like a full meal. It feels more as a collection of tracks rather than something that can be read through as one continuous journey. If the album was split into EP’s rather than one long jump, it could have come out to be slightly more palatable. With the production lacking in most aspects, the lyrics that do not possess any real punch behind them, and with an utterly boundary confined release; MadeinTYO does not hold enough power in his hands to perform on a feature-length album.

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