New Music – Wasted & Abused


Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are the Cambridge, England performers that take the twisted dichotomy of the 70’s slaughterhouse art style and bring it to a musical host. From the vivid colors that the band paints on their newest record, Wasteland; or the almost detrimental use of synthetic and authentic sounds to create a look into England’s seedy underbelly.

From the oil lamps that light the way, Wasteland is an explosive first jump into the murky waters with “I See Through You”. The cover art of Wasteland is almost synonymous with the likes of dystopian novels like 1984 or Brave New World where something once organic is manipulated to represent something that feels overpowering. In this case, the cover almost represents a peep hole on someone’s head over looking a city and it reflects in their musical style strangely enough. The colors are dull here, but Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats shine brightly in this stoned, blurred visionary look.

While the thick overlay on the primary vocal performance does weigh slightly on the listener by the end, throughout the experience; there is not much to complain about. The music is a jam fest of both darkened crypts and sunlight blitzes. Whether the band is moving in with “No Return”, a triumphant and incredibly inspired horror-film that glances eyes at droning rock in a dive-basement-bar. To the very frantic work of “Blood Runner” which holds the piece at a rapid speed through the city before reaching a subway system of different layers and musical pieces.

One of the strongest components is the overall sound of Wasteland as the record is ridden to become an overdriven piece with both high mountainous moments, and low, beneath the Earth works. At either stance, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats perform well throughout and can manage the balance like expert marksmen. Wasteland becomes a physical embodiment of the modern age, but is spiritually in the 1970’s, trapped inside a Stanley Kubrick film.

As the ship sails on the rising final track, Wasteland becomes a very English rendition that performs in a sequence of storytelling. It is one of the more illustrative albums that comes just in time for the bone-chilling nights of October.

Listen To Wasteland Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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