Misc. Day – Year of The Drip


Drip: (Verb) \drip\ – “Just another word for immense swag”states Urban Dictionary under the definition of “drip”. One of the most important words of the modern world as it features in almost any situation. From the YSL (Young Slime/Stoner Life) Records signed artist Gunna’s 2017 project Drip Season 2, there is a significance behind the vocal projection and the way that the production rides around his voice is a duality of excellence.

“Call me insane, I’mma pour up a pint. Try to take away the pain, got me going through some things” Gunna describes through a fairly classy instrumental that involves this clashing ride cymbal as the piano plays in a vibrant, almost jazz influenced style. It is a delightful introduction to the 16-track behemoth that in a valiant effort, has little to no features on the project. The first five tracks are strictly voiced by Gunna which in retrospect was a smart decision. The singularity works in his favor as it establishes a solid effort and connection to his vocal flexibility and the way that he can manipulate the sound to wrap around the listener.

“Went straight to the top like a fitted, still got some act in the fridge… My lil brother keep a Beretta, seems like they got a vendetta. Pull up with them sticks in the shuttle, put my momma in that new Gucci sweater, they hate to see I’m doing better.” As Gunna begins on his track “Top”, there is something slow, and almost cascading sense about the instrumental that surrounds him. He is energetic, but still manages a laid back approach in a conflicting nature. Gunna holds this new age in a modern sense of instrumentation and lyrical content, but somehow keeps a grasp on the classic style of carelessness within the delivery.

The mixing of quick blasts and assaults to the unhurried and steady workings on Drip Season 2 is a near perfect world that Gunna forms with the help of his army of producers that show credits here. From Smoke to Pi’erre Bourne, there is a severe level of features as well that help Gunna out. Ranging from YSL Records head Young Thug, Playboi Carti, Duke, and even Offset in a range of creating a superstar line-up of modern hip-hop power.

Uplifting throughout, Drip Season 2 is hopeful and reflects a solid mirror image of the real recognizable nature of Gunna. He works to cover a large amount of ground with the near hour long tape and is able form a powerful connection with the progressive state of personal expression and true drip fashion.

Listen To Drip Season 2 Here!!! – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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