Misc. Day – New World Order


In the candy-coated age of desperate expressionism and unmatched styles, Guerilla Toss is a New York outfit of experimental, almost avant-garde manipulations of pop sound against the fabric of a radio-friendly gleam.

Their 2017 release, GT Ultra is as ambidextrous as it is strange. The twists and turns that the record takes through the eight-total tracks that run around a near-thirty-minutes forms an insightful journey to the new-wave-esque foundation of punk rock. Guerilla Toss is truly a virtue of adventure and with “Can I Get the Real Stuff”, a track that speeds through rapid bass lines and a vocal performance that is as cute as it is annoying. “Can I Get the Real Stuff” starts simply with a drum and bass combination that subtly includes some synthesizer work to construct a backbone and layering. Then as the work deconstructs into full chaos of warping horns and a jamming use of instrumentation, Guerilla Toss is actually quite a treat that shows real talent behind their otherworldly sound.

Bathing in the robes of experimentalism, GT Ultra is a sudden journey of oddities, but throughout is also able to show an adaptability behind the sound. “The String Game” is a piece that follows later in the midpoint of the record that is able to switch and become a graceful approach. Almost without missing a beat however, Guerilla Toss still keeps their shifted roots with off-beat percussion and some synth heavy pieces that is able to transfer from track to track. Whether a slow, lumbering beast or the rapid attack; Guerilla Toss somehow manages to keep their name relevant throughout GT Ultra. The record feels as a destructive beast of burden that is able to smash and destroy, but there is some sense of awe-inspiring ability behind their moves as well.

With the rolling thunder that follows of “Skull Pop” in the way that the percussion becomes the main staple of the song and the quick, almost reckless nature is a perfect product coming from Guerilla Toss. Every mix of their art-rock sound feels unfamiliar and exciting around every turn. From the first introductions to the final moments, there is something special about that spacious gallery that holds GT Ultra. Their playing ability and the sci-fi sound fits a rare breed of expression in the music lines of genre.

They do not fit in, and that is the point of GT Ultra. It is their brightest work and has a manipulative factor behind the record that brings Guerilla Toss to a new frontier. Rather than pioneers in the cult following or the main stage of New York, the sound is original and needed more than ever in an age of strange.

Listen To GT Ultra Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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