Misc. Day – No Power, No Peace


From the moment that the sudden smash and grab technique that comes from Entry’s No Relief, there is a tone change in the room. From the calming sense of nothingness, to the urgent rush of circle pits that match the overbearing ability of Entry’s weighted punishment.

There is not much of a silence that comes from Entry as there is always some movement behind their sound. With the opening track “Secrets”, motion is the key element of the hardcore punk band’s grasp. The attraction to their aggression and the identity comes from the gasping screams of their frontwoman that handles the vocal aspects as the band behind her comes crashing through and destroying whatever lies in their wake. It is something that the early punk bands could create and then bands following like Entry could build upon and start to form their own style.

With energy of an atom bomb, No Relief is over in around 7-minutes, just barely hitting the 20-second mark as the six-track release boils over and bleeds track into track. Entry works each piece to form an extended flow that covers in a continuous method of belligerent attack. As each turn floods in with the slam of percussion and ripping guitar, “Identity”, “Humanity”, and “You Thought Wrong” takes the final moments of the record and brings Entry to a familiar, headstrong assault. The star of No Relief comes with the way that Entry can take no prisoners behind their sound, unleashing a horde of blast beats and vocal heavy performances to create a whirlwind of capability. Hearing the way that the snare is in a constant rumble behind the bass that quickly maneuvers to constrict along with the other instruments is a hardcore joy.

There is no hope behind the way that Entry conducts themselves on No Relief,but somehow they are a guilty pleasure. Touring their way through the shock wave of wonder and showing no sense of becoming haltered, Entry takes that hardcore element to a forefront and uses it to search and crush on No Relief.

Listen To No Relief Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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