Misc. Day – The Continuation


From Oakland, California, artists are able to flock from the sandy beaches to the golden bay with a wide variety of style. From hip-hop to indie pop, there is something that captures the care-free spirit of California in the Marbled Eye release, EP II.

The band that stems from one of the epicenters of sound, Marbled Eye has already commenced on oversea tours and international waters from the overcoming stance of forward, but relaxed rock that transposes into a four-track boost of confidence. The breaming chords and clasping percussion that manipulates along the band is easy to adapt to and progressive. With the opening track of “Former” there is this substantial sense of house rock elements that take care of the listener as the guitar suddenly shrieks into view. The bass here is one of the most important elements which accumulates to the overall power that Marbled Eye holds.

At times, almost instantly recognizable, EP II is a short but insightful glimpse into the garage bands of the Californian scene. Based on the melody, on the foundation of the glimmer and shine of indie rock, but combining some elements of punk rock that infuse a movement behind the tracks. Hopeful, but not too uplifting, Marbled Eye is a beast of burden that holds this monotone sense behind the vocals that creates a flash of death behind the mix. Somehow, it feels familiar throughout the EP and almost touches upon some sections of desert and palm rock with the droning rhythm sections that seem to linger for hours.

Though the band continues to play along on the 13-minute trance of sound, Marbled Eye is actually quite a well-oiled machine that covers the gaps of each member with this heavily layered roster of a four-piece. The grouping is collectively a gripping work that overthrows opposition with its dazed and abused progression. Each track bleeds into the next with transitional methods that focus on creating this aura of steady-moving ability.

Even to the bitter end, Marbled Eye takes EP II like it is a joyride into the oblivion. The sunshine and clairvoyance that surrounds the release is never a direct punch, but is instead a gentle build up to some slightly forward advances. Through the mutual surrender that occurs of both the listener and the band, both parties involved become a golden standard of chemistry to the ears.

Listen To EP II Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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