New Music – The Absence of Innocence


There is something that is truly beautiful about Deafheaven’s first impressions. The San-Francisco band is able to encapsulate the glory and the overbearing weight of the picturesque elements that make their newest record, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love as daunting as it is uplifting. It is attractive, but also shows an ugliness that coincides within the fine lines to illustrate the unfiltered adaptability of Deafheaven.

Noisy, destructive, and mighty, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is a partner in crime to the melodic metal sound that gets delivered in a glossy overcoat. From the first track of “You Without End” that uses the ocean breeze and waves, spoken word from Nadia Kury, piano chords that are able to resemble a work of Beethoven, and a relentless transitional period that shakes the foundation at its core. There are moments on Ordinary Corrupt Human Love where the music is physically attacking on the listener and shows a pulverizing animalistic stance. Then, as the melody of the chords overtake the primary delivery; Deafheaven becomes this twisted animal of ghastly torture.

“You Without End” is a sinister creature that relies on the susceptibility of the listener as Deafheaven crawls closer and closer, bringing the following track “Honeycomb”, a blitzing attack of rampant sound that forces a relinquishing defeat. It is within this moment that Deafheaven’s true colors are shown and they are able to move forward with the real assault being lead by George Clarke, Kerry McCoy, Daniel Tracy, Shiv Mehra, and Chris Johnson. While that lineup has seen quite a few changes since the original two-piece when the band was first founded and established, the band has never been tighter and every aspect has more than enough impact layered throughout.

Shown especially how Deafheaven can transition each track perfectly and have this uninterrupted flow behind their sound. The movement from “Honeycomb” to then following with “Canary Yellow” which then moves directly after the 12-minute display of sound into “Near”. A slower, more graceful performance takes Ordinary Corrupt Human Love into this atmosphere of wonder where the clean vocals give a necessary release of tension on the listener. Deafheaven will show signs of unrelenting force throughout Ordinary Corrupt Human Love and that is synonymously why the reprieves are there. They take a step back from the falling ashes and the madness to showcase the underlying ability of the record.

Thankfully after the dust settles, after the hardcore elements are stripped away, Deafheaven can survive on their own technicality and their sense of fulfillment. They are able to create and destroy, to rebuild but also take down; there is something magical about their newest record that feels unique and unlike any other beast in music right now. This is not a metal record, this is not a pop record, this is a Deafheaven record.

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