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From the start of The Internet (Band), there was always this overpowering presence of chemistry that their works begin to deliver upon. The gentle sway, the subtle approaches, and the real inviting nature pops throughout their sound. With the newest record, Hive Mind is a continuation of the beautiful performances that once rattled along the side of Odd Future but without the brash generalization of the brand.

Hive Mind is a step in the right direction from the band that already had more than enough draw and attention with their previously Grammy nominated album, Ego Death. While Ego Death was a collection of personal issues that were transfused through a solid mix of both upbeat productions from the likes of Matt Martians and trailblazer Steve Lacy, to the quick rhythm sections of Patrick Paige II and Christopher Allan Smith. Hive Mind is instead a less direct approach that uses the fine-lines of previous styles, but refines them and becomes more delicate behind a wall of colorful sound.

As each track starts to pass and the record becomes more and more uncovered, the real foundation is built upon these airy, simple, but deeply layered songs that make Hive Mind a conceptual journey as much as it is a cognitive one. While the progression of Hive Mind feels and acts as an endless flowing piece that reaches out for the capacity to bleed and show some sense of companionship between the band. The Internet takes hive mind(defined as a group of “collective consciousness”)quite literally as they show this undeniable ability to act as a single entity of musical potential.

Shown first with “Come Together”, the records opening track that has all the members of The Internet working to sing, create, and drift along this path that includes flute, bouncing percussion, and the famous keyboard production that divides the backbone of The Internet’s standard. Through each release, there is a magic that is somehow captured behind The Internet’s vision. With limited focus on creating a faster, more upbeat album; Hive Mind is a descriptive depiction of emotional warmth and a tenderness that comes from attachment to these vivid, almost idolizations that form behind the music.

With one of the faster displays of “Mood”, The Internet stands as a pillar of the smooth lyricism coming from vocalist Syd Bennett who is well known for both her producing credits and her immaculate vocal performances. Tagged alongside with horns from Moonchild that cracks the surface and has this underpass of almost perfect sound, forming continuous grace of production heavy insulation that is covered by the tight joints of the band. With what was left over after Ego Death, a record that became an instantly recognized piece of modern art that tapped into the early ages of the 1960’s and 70’s funk era; Hive Mind is in a similar playing field.

he consistently moving current that takes The Internet into such a sensible future makes Hive Mind become natural. The emotional attachment that overcomes the listener and the pleasant and ultimately sincere love letter to music comes directly from The Internet with one of the best releases of their career.

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