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Within France there are many main staples that connect the country and the arts, the excellence of creation with the beauty of the homeland. With Chaos Echœs, the band is able to connect their French roots with a metallic overcoat that shines through the ambiance, the punishing instrumental sections, and the truly grabbing production that makes the near hour long journey seem worthwhile in misery.

In the sunken place of overcoming dread, Transient is a substantial release coming from French brutality Chaos Echœs. Rather than attacking in a thrash metal headstrong attack however, Chaos Echœs deliberately decides to take a hammer and anvil approach to the battlefield. As the hammer of the incredibly long, escalating pieces start to push the listener and crush them into submission. The anvil of ambiance and intrigue takes the listener into this almost misunderstood stance. At certain points, Chaos Echœs is entirely just blank noise that floods the frame and molds upon the real bitterness of imagination. As the horrid sounds on “Interzone Iv: Intoxicating Beauty” begin to form and take a shape, Chaos Echœs provide as relying the monster in the dark format to deceive and manipulate the sound.

Most of Transient relies on this subtle manipulation to slight directional change to illustrate a Stockholm Syndrome with the listener. The ultimate emotional drain comes simply from the listener and how the style can be personified into their worst nightmares. As the small instances of instrumentation start to draw light into the room, Chaos Echœs soon strike the torch away.

With “Advent of My Genesis”, the first track that features any sort of vocalization from Kalevi Uibo, Ilmar Uibo, Etienne Testart, and Stefan Thanneur who all provide a display of vocal performance. Both Kalevi and Ilmar handle a large range of instrumental aspects of the record with the guitars, Hammond organ, fiddle, Korg MS420, and the ebow are all delivered by Kalevi. Ilmar who takes the stand on the percussion, including bells, triangle, and the drums. As Testart handles the guitar, ebow, and the Roland RE-201, better known as the space echo which is a reverberation machine reliant on audio analog delay effects. Finally, as Tanneur handles the bass, bow, effects, and vocals; Chaos Echœs is a well balanced machine of terror that strikes efficiently throughout Transient.

When there is some sense of metal or punishment, it comes in the form of “Kyorakushugi”, a near 7-minute track that takes every second to be filled with overpowering sound. With the crushing percussion that pounds along to the waves of incoming guitar and vocalization that is on constant attack. With the reprieve coming in the form of “Interzone Vi: Realization”, “Kyorakushugi” demands an audience and is capturing in the most primal sense.

Then finally, Chaos Echœs has the coffin close in the last silence that comes in the form of darkness. Through the deathly display, Transient is one of the strongest attacks, but also movements of the French dark friars.

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