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The Texans with a disregard for your feelings go by the name Power Trip. They are able to open up a world of Thrashing hurt with their 2017 release, Nightmare Logic. Behind the bruised delivery and the bloodshed of blitzing instrumentation, Power Trip is a continuously explosive device that transfers one of the best records that push pain and misery to the forefront.

In a destructive demise that is led by the hardcore stance of a swift kick to the stomach with “Soul Sacrifice”. An opening track that maneuvers the atmospheric crunch and some synth chords to then blow the hinges off Pandora’s box. With the instantly recognizable riff that feels weighted behind mountains of dirt and grime, the sudden gloss of the guitar wails, tightening faces, and relentless bumps of acceleration that make thrash metal exciting again. From the earliest roots with bands like Death, to the new kings of Power Trip; thrash metal as a genre has never had a better phase as the experimentation and ability for production is at an all-time high.

As Power Trip moves through the crowd like a tiger shark, the band uses each limb of instrumentation to form some sort of attacking ability. Whether the persistence of the guitar from Nick Stewart and Blake Ibanez, the swing of Chris Ulsh on the percussion, the rumbling of Chris Whetzel on the bass, or Riley Gale’s abrasive vocalization; Power Trip has something for just about any angry moshing dream.

With the tension building as Nightmare Logic progresses, Power Trip becomes increasingly more and more focused on creating a stained image of the hardcore atmosphere. As they draw the first kill, Power Trip continues to strike again and again as the hammer comes down with “Waiting Around to Die”. Aggressive from the jump, Power Trip works to form these bridges that connect the band before finally burning them as multiple solos and standouts begin to flood the frame. Each track begins to bleed into the next and starts to crush into one pulverizing mess of anger and passion.

Through an incredibly entertaining display, Power Trip takes Nightmare Logic to new heights where the breakdowns give only mere seconds for the listener to catch their breath. They are thrown into the depths with raging string sections, a vocalist that not only commands the microphone, but is also able to hold a sense of substance behind his voice. There are also the final sections of percussion and sampling that act as the choice cuts on Nightmare Logic.

With their twisted vibration that forms the spine of Power Trip, each piece is so pivotal and necessary in the aid to the desolation. Nightmare Logic is not for the faint of heart and holds one of the ugliest truths around, Power Trip can and will absolutely destroy you.

Listen To Nightmare Logic Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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