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03 Greedo might be a new familiar face in rap music, but his style is something that resembles the current Soundcloud era of production heavy waves and catchy lyrical content. In an apparent message before his unfortunate 20-year sentence in prison, God Levellets Greedo send his fans a love message of an immediate start to a truly promising career.

The album that is nearly two-hours of steady hip-hop and rap, acting as a developing movement to what could be some of the last tracks that fans will hear for a substantial amount of time. Running 27-total tracks in all, God Levelis weighted and holds a rollercoaster of sound that ultimately gives an insight to the depth that Greedo has behind his agility. From his autotuned singing vocals that open God Level with “Blower”, to the heavy punches of 808’s on “Basehead”, there is something for everyone. Both fans of slow, melodic sampling, or the rough urban jungles of sound that is delivered by production from JUDGE and Kenny Beats.

03 Greedo can resemble the ugliness of the street level or the gracefulness of the heaven sent clouds; primarily, there is a wonderful mix on God Level where 03 touches entirely different methods. These methods are a catalyst to making Greedo’s newest project stand up in a sea of different style switch ups and more tracks than the average album. Each track has monumental contrasts between them, but feels memorable after even just one listen. Watching 03 Greedo work between “In My Feelings” which is heavily influenced on love and emotional attachment, to then seeing him kick the door in with “Street Life” is one of the more powerful distinctions on an album to recent memory. He can be approachable and seem as a relatable character, but then describe, “Mama said be in by the streetlights, I done fell in love with the street life. I didn’t go to bed with a night light, I was too busy thuggin’ outside… I was growing weed inside my closet, had cocaine inside my locker had a glock inside my pocket. At my prom I was the only nigga with a baby momma. Been having these pistols ‘cause I been about the fucking drama.”
Through the rigid backbone of the banging tracks that fly into frame, but also being restricted by the more sedated, down-tempo tracks, God Level proves the adaptability of 03 Greedo. Throughout his career, which will hopefully still see prosperity even after his incarceration,God Levelsis another stepping stone showing the power behind 03 Greedo’s never faltering ability.

He creates these arching brick pieces that protect the listener with a solid mix of both approachable relaxed moves, and the highway speed of hip-hop. While the hour and a half of music might be daunting to some, his work stands out for how it can be continually above quality through the entire experience.

Listen To God Level Here!!! – Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes

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