Classic Day – The Roots


Amidst the 1980’s influx of hair metal, terrible movies, and even worse fashion choices; punk rock began to rage on. With most of the United States, the U.K. and almost anywhere there were instruments, there was punk rock. It was a loud movement that had heavy weights that would stand the test of time and become some of the most respected and well known artists of a generation; Hüsker Dü were one of the stepping stones of American punk rock that would impact years after their first initial market release.

With a disregard for the strict formalities of music prior, punk rock was a different animal that captured the ugliness of broken innocence and frantic behavior. Bands like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Hüsker Dü were needed to showcase the emotional attachment to the youth. With a president that was unfavored by the youth, a society in outrage at their surroundings, and a focus on creating a safe space for the different; punk rock was that catalyst that lead Hüsker Dü to fame with their first studio release Everything Falls Apart.

Led initially by Bob Mould on the guitar and vocals, Greg Norton on the bass and vocals, Grant Hart on the percussion and vocals, and “Spot” on a producing credit. They made up the personnel team for Everything Falls Apartwhere a small, tightly knit group would run together and create history. As the band begins to attack and open up the momentum with “From the Gut” there is this sudden marching snare drum that floods the sound. The emotion pours in and starts to throw everything into a tight, but noisy balance of flashy guitars and a vocal performance that not only inspires but manages to maintain a distinct nature throughout the record.

As Everything Falls Apart suddenly shifts tides and becomes silent after the near-twenty minutes of liberation, something becomes evident. Hüsker Dü feels brand new each time, like catching up with an old friend in a modern sense. The way the band shifted the sounds to form a punk rock base with a headstrong front was adequate for the time, cementing them in music history.

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